(Geoff Lanigan reviews of 6 days Honda dirt bike XR250, ~1,300 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Geoff Lanigan's Reviews (Australia)

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Overall pretty good, and it depends on a lot of the group mix and what they want to stop and see, mixed with guide’s recommendations for known scenic points.

Bikes and equipment

XR250’s were getting a bit old, but well maintained, however some of the batteries were a bit sad on cold mornings and needed a push start (most are electric start only), but my bike never missed a beat in any way. 250’s are ideal for Vietnam noting the road conditions, traffic density, and speed limit (60kph). Anything bigger is not warranted nor needed.


On this 6-day trip, I only stayed in hotels. All were fine, clean, and all that is needed at the end of a hard day’s ride.


Loved it, no shortage, and the guide always seems to know what best to order.

Guide and organization

Very good, although a bit more explanation of the route, history, hill tribe information, etc. could be provided initially, personally, the guide, Linh was great.

The price

Very good value for what is provided.

How did you know about us?

Repeat customer, initially found on the internet last year, and this year was teamed up with 3 other guys by Anh Wu – it turned out a fun group, and we continued into Laos with another operator.

Additional comments?

The roads traversed are not what I would really call “off-road” for 95% of the routes. Maybe 40% would be good paved roads and the rest, “bad” roads that are being re-constructed, earth formation, badly potholed, etc., however, it is very challenging in Dec-Jan due to extreme cold, bad visibility in fog, slippery surfaces, not to mention never-ending traffic in this small country of 90 million people. I am a 66-year-old Australian from Melbourne with quite a bit of off road experience, and I would describe this as more of a fun ride and different experience, rather than a serious off road challenge.

Mr. Geoff Lanigan – Australia

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