(Julia Kearton reviews of 8 days on Honda GL160 adventure, ~1,200 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Ms. Julia Kearton's Reviews Of North-West Vietnam Motorcycle Tour (Australia), Northwest Vietnam motorcycle tours reviews

Anh, Minh & Long – you run a fantastic company. Many many thanks!

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Great pace – stops well timed, especially during difficult road + weather conditions. Choice of stops for views + drinks was well chosen.

Bikes and equipment

GL160 performed perfectly. Started 1st go every day + just continued that way all day. Plenty of power for a smallish female rider.


Last two homestays Mr. Tam + Mr. Boi – fantastic. Homestay on the first night in Mai Chau is very touristy but probably a good 1st homestay experience. As usual, Mr. Boi + Tham’s hospitality was above + beyond!! Hotels in Son La + Lai Chau were very good + Sapa excellent (especially as the sun shone finally!). Hotel at Muong Lay was an experience – shared the room with termites feasting all night but understandable given the town’s about to be flooded, that nothing is being done about this!


The food was excellent throughout. Mildly disappointed we didn’t get any “pho” but can’t complain given all the fantastic alternatives we had.

Guide and organisation

Entire trip extremely well organised. The guide was excellent once again. He clearly carried far more than 1/2 responsibility + remained helpful + cheerful throughout. He was especially supportive of the members of our group who needed special attention. Our guide’s English + knowledge of Vietnam make him a fantastic leader + cultural ambassador. His great sense of fun just tops it all off!

The price

Tour is great value for money.

How did you know about us?

Back for the 2nd time – initially from the website.

Full name: Ms. Julia Kearton.

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