(Janette Wilson reviews of 8 days Honda GL160 adventure, ~1,200 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Ms. Janette Wilson's Reviews (Australia), Northwest Vietnam motorcycle tours reviews

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

The pace of the tour was just right. Days & stops not too long or short.

Bikes and equipment

The motorcycle was good, the only problem was cold starts, but really not a problem at all. The vehicles do need a bit of maintenance though in general.


Was well appointed & clean. People were very friendly & welcoming. A good experience overall. The hotel in Muong Lay was pleasant atmosphere but was being eaten by termites which was a little disturbing.


The food was almost excellent, especially within the homestays. A couple of places had basic fare which was still nice even though the variety was absent but at most places excellent choices of food + very pleasant.

Guide and organisation

Both guides provided excellent service, especially where breakdowns were concerned. Their attention to each person was wonderful, polite + friendly. Very welcoming & considerate, also very helpful.

The price

I found the price to be fairly reasonable.

How did you know about us

Grant Roff & Julia Kearton recommendation.

Full name: Janette Wilson.

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