Mr. David & Mrs. Sarah Caldwell’s Reviews Of North-West Vietnam Motorcycle Tour

(Mr. David & Mrs. Sarah Caldwell reviews of 10 days Honda GL 160cc ride, ~1,300 km)

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We are equally interested in the cultural & historical facts of Vietnam as well as the native flora + fauna, the farming practices & fishing techniques. The best way to obtain this information is directly from the farmer or fisherman himself eg perhaps on a boat cruise we could stop beside a fisherman for a quick chat.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

The speed of the tour was just about right. The longer bike riding days were intermixed with days when we went trekking or enjoyed a boat trip. We found every part of the trip very interesting.

Bikes and equipment

The motorbikes (GL 160) were comfortable + well serviced.


I enjoyed the mixture of accommodation however the home stays were definitely the best. We would have enjoyed more interaction with our home stay hosts (through our guide perhaps?) but we realise it is difficult with the language problem.


The food was excellent (though always too much!). We enjoyed the food in the country more than in Hanoi. We don’t believe the food could be improved.

Guide and organisation

All organization was excellent + so was our guide (Khanh). Our guide was very polite, always on time, fixed the bikes & very patient with all our questions. Even though he is the age of our children, we enjoyed his company for 10 days very much.


We believe the price is okay.

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Full name: David & Sarah Caldwell
Address: Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

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