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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Paul Whiteaker & Germaine Franse's Reviews Of North-East Vietnam Motorbike Tour (Australia), Northeast Vietnam motorcycle tours reviews

How can you say to someone if we’ve had a real taste of Vietnam? You can do it by combining a scenic tour with the thrills of a country motorbike ride while living with the beautiful Vietnam people, all tailored by your own personal tour guide who has a wealth of knowledge and experience of Vietnamese culture. I will highly recommend this tour to anyone who enjoys life and wishes to get the best from any travel experience. We have achieved in 5 days what takes others 5 months – five stars guys!

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

The pace was well catered for and the itinerary well planned out allowing for flexible departure and arrival times. Everything is done in Vietnam time – meaning ‘whenever you feel like it’. There was always ample time for rest and relaxation throughout the tour.

Bikes and equipment

We were offered all of the necessary safety equipment. The Honda 160cc was strong and reliable (never once failed or broke down) without creating too much disturbance to the countryside components of the tour. They were extremely comfortable for the rider and pillion considering the distance travelled. Be sure to pack your sunburn cream or even better wear fully covered lightly loose clothing as the Vietnamese sun can be quite harsh in the warmer months. Also, a quick lesson in road rules would have been beneficial.


We felt very welcomed at the homestays with well-adapted facilities to allow for western standards. The families were sociable allowing for interesting conversation and cultural exchange. It is vital to use your tour guide as a translator in these situations to take full advantage of getting to know the Vietnamese people and their way of life – which offers a great way to reflect on your own life’s journey. Every night was a good night’s sleep – cool and comfortable!


The hygiene standards are to be admired and the food was always presented to a safe standard. Did I mention how delicious and fresh each meal was? It was a real highlight tasting the culinary delights of this country and puts my country’s cuisine to shame.

Guide and organisation

Ngoc was very experienced and constantly aware of our needs with our interests at heart. He was forthcoming with interesting information while open to answer any of our questions along the way. Ngoc was very good at encouraging us to try new things which heightened the level of our experience – he took us to places and offered us the opportunity to try food dishes we would have never otherwise experienced by ourselves in a very reassuring way.

The price

A great idea to have everything payed for upfront. This saves the bother of paying for meals or working out prices with the possibility of being penalised for being a foreigner. I can truly say this was worth every cent and we will be saving for our next trip to try another part of this amazing country with Offroad Vietnam in the future.

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Full name: Paul Whiteaker & Germaine Franse.

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