(Murray Sim reviews of 7 days Honda dirt bike XR250, ~1,500 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Murray Sim's Reviews from New Zealand, Northeast Vietnam off-road motorbike tours

Hi Anh, enjoyed the trip immensely. Unlike Terry, I neither live in Asia or ride bikes as a business. However, I’ve ridden with him enough to see Thon checking out our abilities from the start of day 1. I found the traffic much easier to ride than that in Phnom Penh that I’d ridden several times recently so that wasn’t an issue. and I’ve been riding long enough both on and off road to just enjoy everything.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Thon assessed our abilities and knew the route well enough to stretch us a little and yet keep us and the bikes safe. Generally, the stops were well-timed and of good length.

Bikes and equipment

There were a couple of things that weren’t right at the start, I adjusted both throttle and clutch cables before we even started, the clutch cable required lubrication and the clutch basket seemed quite worn. However, given the age of the bike and riders who are probably not always gentle. So careful gear changes using the clutch were the order of the day – Honda gearboxes are normally quite tolerant of clutch-less changes but I wasn’t prepared to use mine that way. Rear brake pads were very worn and needed to be changed during the ride.


A good mix, the first two home-stays were genuine and friendly, however, the third came across as being more commercially oriented, this was shown by the number of beds and the prices charged for drinks.


Thon listened to what we wanted which was authentic Vietnamese food; we didn’t go to Vietnam to eat western food and Thon found the best mix of authentic food he could.

Guide and organization

Organisation – right from the first, your responses to my emails were professional and yet personalised. I did all the research for the trip and was happy to recommend Offroad Vietnam to Terry who is a professional bike tour operator. Everything requested was organised from our airport pick-ups and hotel. Being a short walking distance from your office made our lives easy at both the start and finish of our ride.

Guide. Thon knew the bikes, the country, and the people, he had good relationships with all the accommodation operators and was also happy to be flexible to our needs.

The price

No complaints. We knew this wasn’t a 5-star tour. We signed on to experience the true Vietnam and that’s what we got.

How did you know about us?

Research on the internet. I spent a lot of time and once I got your first response to my email I was sure I had the right tour operator for what we wanted.

Murray Sim (New Zealand)

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