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Hi Anh,

I had a wonderful time on my trip to Vietnam, and Offroad Vietnam made it such an enjoyable experience which I would highly recommend to my friends and other people interested in taking in the authentic experience Vietnam has to offer.

I most thoroughly enjoy the tempo of the ride, it was an exactly right period not to get saddle sore or bored with riding as the road twisted and turned up through the mountains.

The bikes, as they were Honda’s, were top-notch and never really failed anyone on the trip. And the fact they were 250s meant that they had all the power needed for such a trip.

The accommodation was more than adequate for this type of trip and enjoyed the fact after a long day of riding, there was a hot shower waiting.

The guide’s knowledge and experience made him a valuable asset and companion for the trip as he knew his stuff and provided useful tips and the key bit of information throughout the ride and his ability to liaise/communicate with all the locals made the whole experience enjoyable and not stressful.

The price was good.

Thanks again for a wonderful trip and I will defiantly recommend Offroad Vietnam to my friends.

Matty from Australia.

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