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Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

The tempo & speed of the tour was fine, especially with a new rider on the trip. I felt that there could be more stop-overs at scenic sites where foreigners don’t get to see very often. Some of us will stop behind and spend some time taking pictures while the rest waiting in front. The stops for food was paced nicely and the food was fantastic.

Bikes and equipment

The motorcycles were fine but maintenance and regular checking may have helped prevent some problems. For example, a simple check on the sprockets should have prevented Quynh’s bike from moving as his front sprocket teeth were totally worn out while the Honda Degree had a worn-out spark plug.


The first night’s homestay at Quang Uyen was not up to standard, especially we were living in a shophouse. We would have hoped to live with the tribal minority in their authentic homes. The homestays for the rest of the trip was great, with good scenery and welcoming owners. The hotels were average but livable. Interspersing homestays and hotels, we would have like a mixture of good living space and comfort.


The food was great! Quynh orders the authentic foods and the homestays all have good food. No complaints.

Guide and organisation

Quynh was a little distracted with his mobile phone but he tries to engage us sometimes in the stops. He is not too knowledgeable on motorcycles, so experience of motorcycle repair is needed. If he speaks better English and is able to tell us more about the places we are in, it would be better. Quynh seemed tired also as he slept once he reached the guest-house. Maybe he had too many trips? More conversation would be better.

The price

The price is high and we thought that making it more affordable for Singaporeans would mean better business. For the price, the professionalism of tour guides and bikes would be expected to be high but Offroad Vietnam just passed on this. I hope the next year’s price increase will not affect Singaporeans too much.

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Full name: Kenny Phang.

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