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Jo Brownright.

Green Trail Tours informed customers that all soft drinks + water are included – perhaps you should ask them to update this as it is incorrect.

A truly fantastic trip which I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to see the “real Vietnam”.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Just right. Lots of km covered but plenty of rest offered. Regular, short breaks always welcome – if only for a photo or to take in the view.

Bikes and equipment

Excellent. Any problems with the bike were quickly resolved without disrupting the tour schedule.


A good mix of homestay + hotel. Homestay adds so much to the experience, but it is nice to have a little luxury in the hotel too. Families in homestay were wonderful hosts + I would highly recommend it.


Delicious, always plentiful. Great opportunity to eat local delicacies. Our guide always encouraged us to eat plenty + drinks lots of rice wine.

Guide and organisation

Fantastic. Our guide (Chi) made the trip wonderful. He looked after us so well, always putting our needs first. He was excellent company + chatted freely about life in Vietnam sharing many interesting stories.

The price

A good price for a group of 4 people – a little expensive if just 2 people attend. Consider offering a small discount for riders who double up or charge more for individuals who want a bike each.

How did you know about us?

Green Trail Tours.

Full name: Jo Brown.
Address: U.K.

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