(8 days Honda road bike 160cc adventure, ~1,400 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Igor Najbicz's Reviews Of North-East Vietnam Motorbike Tour (South Africa), Northeast Vietnam dirt bike tours reviews.

Very professional, quick & friendly replies to ALL questions, no matter how stupid they may seem. Anh is as pleasant in real life as his character comes across in your email dealings with him. Highly recommend our guide. Worth his weight in gold & rice wine! Would & have recommended Offroad Vietnam to many people already!

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Good chilled pace, which was great for our group. Never felt we were running on empty.

Bikes and equipment

Found the bike (GL160) very comfortable on the long distances and faster than all local transport, a bigger bike would have been nice to have to help pass the trucks which can be hair raising.(Bigger bikes are obviously an option)


Home-stays are great as you get a feel of the locals proper, hotels are adequate but nothing spectacular. Note they are the best on offer!


The food was fantastic! The real highlight of our tour, we were never hungry, if anything we always had too much.

Guide and organisation

Our tour guide was brilliant. The organisation was 1st class. No complaints at all!

The price

I challenge anyone to find a better value for money holiday. The experience of a life time.

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Full name: Igor Najbicz.

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