(Damien Moorhouse reviews of 8 days Honda road bike 160cc adventure, ~1,400 km)

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Anh, your quick responses + clarity via email prior to the tour gave us confidence that we had chosen a good tour company. Also when we arrived first at your office, we were again reassured of our choice. These are very important things for prospective travellers when there are so many scams + dodgy operators.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Tempo was good, but quite often depend on the condition of roads. In a group, it is hard to stop to take pictures as there is so much good scenery – but that is more to do with group dynamics.

Bikes and equipment

Bikes were good – once I settled into my bike I was very happy with the plucky little 160’s. In fact, we chose your company because the bikes were better than other companies.


The accommodation was mixed + varied. Some hotels were a bit crusty, but others were very good. Homestays were both great.


Choice of food was also very good. The meals at homestays were some of the best meals we had in my opinion.

Guide and organisation

The guide was very good. Good balance of decision making, friendliness, humour, expertise.

The price

As we were 6 people, the price was good value.

How did you know about us?


Full name: Damien Moorhouse.

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