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Anh, I trust all’s well.

Below please find my comments on our trip. Sorry, I’m late in getting this write-up to you.

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My Comments

In September 2007, I came across an article in the Wall Street Journal that described the increasing popularity of motorcycle trips down the Ho Chi Minh trail. The article went on to chronicle the growth of Vietnam and the risk that the country would lose, perhaps forever, relics of their past as the pace of commerce and modernization continued on their hurried pace. I had the impetuous I needed. I convinced my six “Wild Hog” friends that we should organize a trip. So began my journey.

My research led to Anh Wu and Offroad Vietnam ( I had several organizations at the ready who, I thought, could accommodate our trip, but after a few email exchanges and many Skype chat sessions with Anh, I knew I found the company that would help us experience a trip for the ages.

Over the course of the next eight months, Anh answered every question thoroughly and patiently. He provides me with references from all other the world, who also answered my questions without delay. Without fail, every reference provided me with glowing reports on the thoroughness and professionalism of Anh and Offroad Vietnam.

We paid our deposit with confidence and secured our dates. And, after Anh received our deposit, the service, support, and endless emails and chat sessions continued with the same timeliness and thoroughness. We knew we had the right organization, and I honestly believed Anh would make certain we had a wonderful experience.

In early August 2008, we successfully and safely completed a 9-day trip down the Ho Chi Minh trail with six members of the “Wild Hogs.” One of the ‘Wild Hogs”, a renowned newspaper editor, created a blog that documented our trip. Please see for the blog.

The trip and Offroad Vietnam exceeded our expectations by a very wide margin. From the tempo of the trip to the quality of the bikes, we knew exactly what to expect, and in every case, our experiences proved more enjoyable, educational, and rewarding than we imagined. Our accommodations proved more than adequate, and the quality and diversity of our meals made the trip particularly rewarding. The price for the entire trip seemed more than fair. We received tremendous value from Offroad Vietnam.

We can’t say enough about our guides, Minh and Ngoc. As expected, in the end, the quality of our guides made the trip. Their knowledge, personality, and genuine concern for our welfare made the trip a complete success. Minh and Ngoc have tremendous pride in their country and they made certain every question received an honest answer and that we had an opportunity to experience firsthand the very best asset in Vietnam – the people.

I highly recommend Offroad Vietnam to anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to work with a first rate organization. And as Anh did for me, I will provide additional details on my experiences to anyone who asks.

My hat goes off to the team at Offroad Vietnam for a job well done!

On behalf of my fellow “Wild Hogs”, thank you to the team at Offroad Vietnam for a truly extraordinary experience. We wish you nothing but the very best.

Larry Hall

[email protected]

Full name: Larry Hall.
Address: U.S.A.

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