Mr. Stephen McAuley’s Reviews Of Northeast & Ha Giang Of Vietnam Motorbike Tour

(Stephen McAuley reviews of 11 days scenic Ha Giang, Honda GL160, ~1,800 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Stephen McAuley's motorbike tour to Ha Giang reviews.

Overall the trip was fantastic and I really enjoyed it a lot and I will hopefully come back again. I’d like to come back in October or November, Linh said this was the best time to ride in Vietnam.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

I thought the tempo was very good, the second day was very long and made hard with the wet weather we had, but other than that was just about right. We covered a lot of ground and rode some fantastic roads and in beautiful areas.

Bikes and equipment

I felt the website was trying to suggest that the GL160 bike is good for the trip. But if I had to change one thing about the trip I would have chosen the XR250. The GL’s are very old and although can do the trip on the muddy roads they struggled and they are a little small for Westerners!

Also, a little more information about specific things to bring during the Winter months would be helpful, where it was much colder than anybody expected. If I knew just what the temperature would be in the mountains I would have brought extra warm clothes and waterproofs. I thought it would be in the 10-20 degree range but it more like 2-10 degrees.


A couple of the hotels were a little rough- a bit dirty and damp which was one of the only bad things about the tour when paying over $100/day but I know the choice is limited in some areas.


Excellent food throughout the tour.


Well organised and a very good guide who tried to make the trip fun and get over any small problems we encountered.


I thought the trip was good value for money considering what we did and saw. I thought the extra $30/day for the XR250 bike was a bit too much but in hindsight, I should have paid it and got one.

How did you know about us?

Google search.

Full name: Stephen McAuley.
Address: IRELAND.

Read Mr. Stephen McAuley’s reference email to Lonely Planet.

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