(Rod Chapman reviews of 8 days scenic Ha Giang, Honda Baja XR250, ~1,400 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Rod Chapman's Reviews Of Northeast & Ha Giang Of Vietnam Motorbike Tour (Australia), Northeast Vietnam motorbike tour reviews

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Hi Anh,

I’d be happy to give you some feedback.

The pace of the tour was pretty much perfect – at the end of each day, I felt like I’d done a decent ride, without being too tired.

The bikes seemed to be a little bit rough, but really they were fine. I had no mechanical problems with my bike at all, just one flat tyre. For the bikes that did break down, the guides always seemed able to fix them quite quickly. Overall I expected the bikes to be a little newer than they were, but they got the job done well enough.

The food was good – it was interesting to try new dishes and Vietnamese food is delicious, although by the end of the tour a little bit more variety would have been good.

The guides and organisation were excellent. I thought our guides were brilliant – always helpful, and always happy to do whatever they had to do to keep tour members smiling.

The price seemed fair. From what I’ve read in past reviews it seems that the price has gone up a fair bit in recent years, but overall I would say the tour was still good value for money.

I found out about Offroad Vietnam through friends that did a tour with you a couple of years ago – they said it was great, so when Mark suggested we tour Vietnam your company was the first place to book.

Anh, thank you for a fantastic tour of which I have many happy memories. I hope I can come back to Vietnam and see more of your beautiful country again someday.

Kind regards,

Rod Chapman

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