(Neil Tolentino reviews of 11 days scenic Ha Giang, Honda XR250, ~1,800 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Neil Tolentino's Reviews (Australia), Northeast Vietnam motorbike tour reviews

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

We had a little saddle soreness for a day or so but we soon got accustomed to the amount of riding. Before we arrived on the tour we thought that the daily distance was going to be too easy, but we soon realised it was just right. Take into consideration the varying terrain, type of bikes and the local speed limits and remember you can’t race around like you do when you’re on sports bikes and riding on smooth roads. The morning and afternoon breaks and long lunches were well needed as well as in July during the hot summer. We always got to the accommodation with plenty on time to wash up a d relax before dinner.

Bikes and equipment

We used Honda 250cc trail road/trail bikes. They were all in good working condition and were ideal for the changing conditions. The ride height and suspension was not only appropriate but also made us very popular with locals and fellow tourist (there was always someone in each town who had some story about touring on bikes or wanting to). Thon carried simple and practical tools and parts, (enough to change the odd inner tube by the side of the road) And we rode past so many (xe may) bike repair shops that you’re never far away from help.


The hotels were fine but we enjoyed the home stays the best.


The food was great. Fresh and tasty every day. In fact, we asked Thon to stop ordering so much food for us. At the homestay, we ate with our host and toasted every dish with a “sip” of rice wine.


Our guide Thon was well spoken, friendly and knowledgeable. His catch phrase “no problem” really rang true in so many circumstances. After such a short time he changed from the guide to a friend. The operator Anh was very quick with correspondence and willing to help us with any changes. Their website had us very well prepared for our trip too. Just remember it’s an adventure holiday. Not saying it’s just for boys but be prepared to get dirty. But that’s why we chose this type of holiday. Recommend it to all!


Very good value. Aussie dollars can get a lot in Vietnam but at home, you couldn’t get a room for the night at these prices.

How did you know about us?

Website. Actually, I didn’t see the top gear episode until after we got home. Those guys were really dumb how they rode around. If you wear a helmet at home wear one in Vietnam. It’s just as dangerous!

Full name: Neil Tolentino.

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