(Peter Clegg reviews of 9 days Honda dirt bike XR250, ~1,600 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Peter Clegg's Reviews (USA)

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Perfect! Ride, break, ride, lunch, ride, break, food & lodging.

Bikes and equipment

We had a couple of bike problems but nursed one through the end of the day and ORV sent another by the truck that was there the next morning. The second bike had ghostly electrical problems which were very hard to pinpoint but Thon (guide/interpreter/mechanic extraordinaire) kept at it, “willing” it to run until he found the problem (a faulty coil). The time waiting for repair was actually one of the highlights, associating with locals and the kids!


Great! Hot water and warm showers every night and wifi.


Superb! Good variation, plenty to eat and the best Pho I have ever had!

Guide and organization

Fantastic! We loved this guy! On top of everything, fun, careful, resourceful. If we’re to do the trip again (which I would love to), would insist on Thon.

The price

Great value! Also appreciated the other arrangements that ORV made (hotels, air, taxi, bay cruise) and just took care of it without a lot of extra charges or hidden costs. We only paid for drinks etc. just as they advertise!

How did you know about us?

Web search and comparing other operators, tours and client comments.

Additional comments?

Just advice for potential OVR customers – it’s “real” offroad for part of the trip! Get a little experience off road in dirt/mud/loose gravel/steep. We rode the 250’s and used the power!

Mr. Peter Clegg – USA

Peter uploaded his Vietnam motorbike tour on YouTube and you could watch it below:


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