(Margaret Stewart reviews of 8 days Honda dirt bike XR125L 125cc tour, ~1,400 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Ms. Margaret Stewart's Reviews. Vietnam motorbike tour reviews by Margaret Stewart, with Guy Allen, Morag Allen and Steve

I am giving out your business cards to people here. Missing Hanoi!! This is my third trip through the North with Offroad Vietnam, and each has been excellent.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

The ride days varied nicely. Sometimes the morning would be spent boating around a lake, the next day we might go off early, for a long run. We easily arranged for more stops or longer stops. The guides coped remarkably well with 20 of us, and 20 views on what we should do next.

Bikes and equipment

Not a problem with a backup truck. Flat tyre fixes on the road were quick, and the unscheduled stops always give us more time to talk to the locals. Each evening, the guides went over the bikes. Mine ran without a hitch.


The quality of the accommodation improves every year. My Ha Giang resort style cabin had a beautiful view of the river, mountains and local fishermen.


Always good. Plenty to choose from.

Guide and organisation

Both excellent. From the booking to the end all was well organised. The ride guides doubled as tour guides, local history experts, mechanics, photographers, negotiators and just plain good company. They also detoured for those in the group who put the hand up for a tougher stretch on some days.

The price

Fine. You get a lot for the money. Keep in mind that this goes to remote on small, shared roads, expect some dirt, mud, many animals and road construction, and it’s the most fun you can have with a bike.

How did you know about us?

Previous trips.

Additional comments?

This time I took my daughter who had not done much of this kind of riding before. She loved it, and it was an unforgettable ride for her and her boyfriend.

Full name: Margaret Stewart.

Address: Melbourne, AUSTRALIA.

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