Mr. Guy Allen’s Reviews Of North-East & Ha Giang Of Vietnam Motorbike Tour

(Guy Allen reviews of 8 days Honda dirt bike 250cc tour, ~1,400 km)

We all had a great trip. Your guides were fantastic, and I appreciate the trouble you went to make this a great journey.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Overall very good. Loved the lazy days where we could stop and walk about the local markets. Also appreciated a stop where we could get laundry done over an 8-day tour.

Bikes and equipment

The XR250s and the XL225 were perfect. Maintenance was not. One of the GL160s had what looked like 10-year-old brake fluid, which failed. One or more of the XL250s was running too lean, which is a false economy, as you end up working the bike harder than it needs to.


Great. Much preferred the home stays and really liked the riverside stay on day 4 of the 8-day northern trip.


Great, no problems. Would prefer Pho most mornings, rather than pancakes.

Guide and organisation

Excellent. The guides were terrific, including Son the truck driver. All of them were good company and patient. They made a terrific team.


No problem. Great value.

How did you know about us?

We’re repeat customers. You’re also getting lots of local (to Australia) publicity. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but in addition to Grant and me, you had three other writers on the trip – two motoring, and one travel.

Full name: Guy Allen

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