(Luke Smith reviews of 4 days Honda XL 125cc trail bike adventure, ~600 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mr. Luke Smith's Reviews (England) on a Vietnam North-Centre motorbike tour. Here are his thoughts of the motorbike tour.

As a repeat customer to Off-road Vietnam I have found all the services they offer to be very friendly and to a high standard. If I ever need anything in the way of motorbikes Off-road Vietnam will be the first people I contact.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

The overall tempo of the trip was very comfortable. The scenery is too spectacular and the roads are too unpredictable to want to go fast. We were able to stop whenever we wanted to and the road speed was an ideal leisurely pace.

Bikes and equipment

All the bikes we had on the tour were well suited to the trip and well looked after. We had 4 bikes and had no problems.


The standard of accommodation was very high throughout the trip. The home-stays we’re very welcoming and a great insight into true Vietnamese culture that you wouldn’t find without a guide. Having been in Vietnam for 4 weeks now, my nights in the timber houses have been the coolest and most comfortable.


You find yourself very tired after a day’s riding and the food becomes an important part of the day! The food we had was always very tasty and there was always plenty to go around for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Guide and organisation

The staff at Off-road Vietnam were all extremely friendly from the outset. On tour, our guide was polite, friendly and social. I hope to stay in touch.


It is very true that tour prices are not the cheapest but very few offer the same standards of quality and experience. The bikes are all reliable and well maintained, staff are well experienced, friendly and helpful, and the tours are well planned and inclusive of a high standard of food and accommodation. It’s also nice to see that your well-spent money goes back to the people of Vietnam i.e. family-run restaurants, home-stays, roadside café’s etc. I think the tour was well worth the money.

How did you know about us?

I saw the bikes outside the office, got excited and then found the companies website!

Full name: Luke Smith.
Address: ENGLAND.

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