(Claudia Oehling reviews of 5 days Honda road bike touring, ~1,000 km)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mrs. Claudia Oehling reviews a Vietnam roof roads motorbike ride.

An absolutely outstanding experience. We don’t want to have missed it. When you love motorbiking you have to go at least a few days on a tour. Fantastic landscape, lovely people we met on our way and a very skilled and helpful guide! Only we would not recommend riding the bike with two persons for more than a couple of days due to the small size of the bike.

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over

Generally OK, but with distances around 200km/day, you have to start not later than 8 am, otherwise you have not enough time for stops en route. Like the day from Vu Linh to Sapa, we started at 9.30AM, reached Lao Cai by sunset and drove the scenic road to Sapa in the dark. We would like to have made more stops on that very bad road with many trucks but then we would have arrived even later in Sapa.

Bikes and equipment

We drove the Honda 250cc which was OK for me as a driver, but a bigger bike would be more suitable for my height (180cm). For the co-rider, it was definitely too small and on bumpy roads not comfortable at all. Technically the bike was alright.


Was always good, the homestay in Vu Linh was, of course, a highlight. All the other hotels/guesthouses were clean + comfortable!


The food was always plenty, tasteful and when we suggested something which was on our mind Minh, our guide, tried to make it possible.

Guide and organisation

The tour was very well organized, during the planning period via email we got prompt answers to all our questions. Changing the itinerary due to closed roads etc. was performed in a professional manner. Our guide, Minh, was very helpful as a translator, mechanic and he explained a lot.

The price

It’s not cheap, but considering the good organisation, the quality of food + accommodation it is absolutely acceptable and if you are in a bigger group than we (only two) it gets even cheaper.

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Full name: Clemens Oehling and Claudia Oehling
Address: Frankfurt, GERMANY.

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