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(Roger Ibars reviews of 2 days Halong Bay Honda 160cc ride, ~400 km)

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Dear Anh Wu,

I wrote some lines about our experience in Vietnam and your rental services. Feel free to post it on your web. I send you attached an image of me and my girlfriend that you can use with our testimonial.

Thanks again!!!




My girlfriend and I rent a motorbike (Honda 160cc) from Mister Anh Wu, from Offroad Vietnam shop last April 2008 and we did a trip to North Vietnam. Contacting with Mister Anh Wu by email was really fast and easy. He quickly understood the type of travel we wanted to do and provided us with all we needed. For example, he gave us extra tools and spare parts that could possibly break or be damaged during our trip (we were traveling without a guide and only on one bike). However we only had one flat tire on our 9 days trip, and repairing it only took us 15 minutes at a local repair shop. Unless you go to very remote areas, there are motorbike workshops everywhere.

We depart from hectic Hanoi up to the calm and green North Vietnam. All the roads are enjoyable to ride. Vietnam is perfect for riding! The motorbike did an excellent job, very smooth, a very comfortable riding position and with enough power to carry me, my girlfriend, and 2 side bags with our luggage. We are not a very weighty couple so we manage to ride comfortably.

About our trip, we rode directly to Bac Ha because we wanted to go to Si Ma Cai, a small town just on the border area with China. The road from Bac Ha to Si Ma Cai is the most beautiful we did in all our trips. If you want to go there be sure to get a Special Permit in Bac Ha to ride next to the border with China. Ask Mister Anh Wu about this.

I and my girlfriend had an incredible experience riding in such a beautiful country like Vietnam. I would like to recommend the services from Mister Anh Wu at Offroad Vietnam because he was extremely professional and friendly.

Ride safe, respect nature, and interact with people!

Thanks from Roger and Indri!

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Full name: Roger Ibars
Address: Tokyo, JAPAN.

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