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(Michel P. Triel reviews of Big North Vietnam, ~2,700 km, 13 days Honda XR125L 125cc off-road motorbike rental)

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Hello Anh,

Please find hereafter my review:

Bikes and equipment

I rented a brand new Honda XR125, so the bike was obviously satisfactory. No locker was provided, but it is useless since it is easy to park the bike safely overnight. The luggage rack is well designed, strong, and practical.

Parts and tool kit

No special comments since I did not open the bag with parts and tools. Therefore, it was reassuring to have them with me in case of need.

Assistance in planning your trip

A small map was given as well as good advice for the roads to ride (self-guided tour for myself).

The price

Rather high in comparison with other locations but, this the price to pay for quality and confidence.

How did you know about us?

Lonely planet and French forum (

Additional comments?

XR125 is much more comfortable on bumpy roads or trails than scooters or Minsk. It was important for my 2700km-ride in Northern Vietnam. Minsk has almost disappeared even in the remote mountains. Scooters (Honda wave style is the rule).

XR125 is quite unusual and has attracted many eyes (in a good sense): this gave me a strong capital of friendship, that is a very good aspect when you travel alone.

On the opposite, XR125 seems reliable but in the case of failure, it seems to me that it must be more complicated to repair than other bikes.

Apart from that, Offroad Vietnam is a very professional business (quick answer to emails, safe procedures for sending a deposit for booking, clear contract rules, advice, bikes quality, etc.)


Michel P. Triel (France).

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