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During my first trip to Vietnam three years ago, I rented a motorbike from Offroad Vietnam and spent almost two weeks exploring the northwest corner of the country. I had such an amazing experience that I knew I would come back and do it again – and as it so happened, this time I came back with my new wife, Nash. Once again, we looked Anh up in Hanoi and arranged to rent two motorbikes for a little over a week. Anh recommended a slightly different route to Sapa which turned out to be fantastic and we had a great time, winter weather, and all.

I can’t say enough about experiencing Vietnam from the back of a motorcycle. Riding through small villages during morning markets, interacting with the locals, dodging the resident water buffaloes and potbelly pigs, and taking in the incredible mountain views. It’s an adventure that you won’t forget. Offroad Vietnam is a class act. They provide new, reliable bikes, and Anh is extremely helpful and accommodating. I would recommend this outfit to anyone and we can’t wait to come back in the future!

Evan Tea from the USA.

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