Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Sydney Morning Herald SMH, November 4th 2012 (Australia).

With a fancy motorbike and a well-padded seat, Lee Atkinson braves eight days on two wheels in a region with no road rules. Below is from Sydney Morning Herald.

Pigs can and do fly in Vietnam, especially when they bounce off the back of a scooter on a hairpin turn halfway up a mountain road. And once they do, they roll long and fast in their little cylindrical baskets, with an uncanny ability to aim themselves right at the front wheel of your motorcycle at the same time an overloaded truck appears ahead of you on the wrong side of the road and you’re surrounded by giggling school kids on wobbly bicycles who don’t seem to be paying any attention to the traffic at all.

Moments like these, we discover quickly, are not at all extraordinary on the roads of northern Vietnam, where you never know what’s around the next blind bend. It could be a herd of goats or water buffalo, a broken-down bus, a crater-like hole in the road or a planet-sized rock, a steamroller or an excavator digging up the road, a convoy of locals on motorbikes each balancing a bunch of five-metre-long bamboo poles crossways on their bikes, or a view so stunning it’s impossible to keep your eyes on the road – all just everyday hazards in a place where there are no road rules, there is no right of way, the traffic is insane and riding a motorbike is an adrenaline-fuelled extreme sport.

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