On this page, we will provide details of Honda XR250 dirt bike spare parts prices. Despite the age, surprisingly parts for this bike are not difficult to find. Generic parts are cheap while Honda genuine parts are quite expensive.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Honda XR250 Dirt Bike Spare Parts Prices. Motorcycle spare parts of Honda XR250 250cc applied for Offroad Vietnam touring off road motorcycles

About Honda XR250 & XR250 Baja

In case you want us to send parts for your bike(s) to your home country, then we are sorry we don’t export or sell parts.

Offroad Vietnam’s Honda XR250 250cc was made in Japan by Honda Motors in between 1998 and 2005. This model is available in two versions (XR250 – single headlight and XR250 Baja – dual headlights) and was discontinued in 2008 but parts are not so difficult to find, just a bit expensive.

Below are the prices you pay us if you break/buy parts from us. The price in USD is quoted per unit unless otherwise stated. Please print out this price list for your future reference.

Some of these spare parts are made by the third party for unimportant things such as speedo, indicators, headlights and tires etc. The important engine components are imported from Thailand, Japan, China and Cambodia.

The below prices include labour work.

Part Prices Honda Enduro Dual Sport Dirt Bike XR250 250cc

Square indicator cover (original): $US 10
Square indicator base (original): $US 10
Round indicator cover (original): $US10
Round indicator base (original): $US 10
Third party indicator (round or square, including base): $US 5

Mirror: $US 5

Clutch lever: $US 6
Front brake lever: $US 5
Clutch handle base: $US 20

Front/back brake disc: $US 40
Upper front brake disc master cylider: $US 12
Lower front brake disc hub: $US 25
Rear brake 1/2 master cylinder: $US 30
Front brake disc hose: $US 25
Front/back brake shoes (a pair): $US 10

Speedometer (digital, original): $US 140
Speedometer (analogue, original): $US 120
Third party speedometer (analogue): $US 20

Single head light + plastic cover: $US 60
Single head light (XR250 square): $US 40
Head light + aluminium frame (XR250 Baja Dual): $US 150
Head light (XR250 round, dual): $US 30
Tail light cover: $US 20

Front mudguard: $US 50

Seat cover: $US 20

Gearshift: $US 10
Rim: $US 90
Front wheel hub: $US 80
Back wheel hub: $US 100

Front tire: $US 35 (Fortune Horng) or $US 60 (Dunlop)
Back tire: $US 45 (Fortune Horng) or $US 70 (Dunlop)
Front/back inner tube: $US 10/5

Handlebar: $US 35

Gas tank: $US 150

Front suspension: $US 200
Back suspension (Pro-Link Mono Shock): $US 250

Foot rest: $US 20

Left engine cover: $US 100
Right engine cover: $US 100

Kick starter: $US 20

Side stand: $US 15

Rear plastic side cover: $US 40

Exhaust pipe (silencer): $US 110

Contact us now in case you want more details of Offroad Vietnam’s Honda XR250 Dirt Bike Spare Parts Prices.

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