Group size and riders age for off-road motorbike tours are very important if you want to come back in one piece. In fact, Vietnamese traffic is busy and scary. Therefore, every guide only rides with the maximum five or six riders. More than six riders we do need a second guide on the trip.

Group Size

The maximum group size for rides in the north is from 5 to 8 people per group (limited to 6 motorcycles), riders, or pillion passengers. This will enhance your experience and ensure a high degree of personal attention. Rides down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, however, can accommodate much larger groups because we use a support vehicle at your request (extra fees applied). Small groups enable us to trek into remote areas with minimal intrusion to the local cultures. Riding in a large convoy with all the inherent complications and delays is just not our way.

The best group size is from three to four riders, not too much and not too little. More people means more fun but too big a group means less information the guide can provide as he needs to take care of your safety. Our largest group ever was 17 riders from New Zealand and while riding we divided into four groups with four guides came on the trip plus a support truck. Below is how this group looked like on our September 2013 ride.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Riders Age For Off road Motorbike Tours. Largest motorbike group with 17 Kiwi riders in September 2013 from Offroad Vietnam motorbike tours

You can start a ride and we post an update on our update page to get more people for you. In reality, this type of trip usually has riders with different riding experiences (from novice to competent off-road riders). In case you care about strangers in the group, you’d better book a strictly private tour.

Riders Age

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Riders Age For Off road Motorbike Tours. The oldest rider with Ofroad Vietnam í 84 years old in March 2023.

To date, the youngest rider rode with us was 10 years old boy (a professional minibike racer) and the oldest rider was an 84-year man (in March 2023). However, most of our riders are between 30 and 50 years old.

To have some idea about Vietnam motorbike tours our company provides, please watch the below video or visit our YouTube channel.


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