After few days of discovering typical features of the culture of Northern tribes, you surely feel a latent beauty hiding behind those multicolour clothes. However, it will be prettier if you come to Northwest but skipping the Sin Ho market. In fact, this is not only the most colourful market with traditional clothes of North-West inhabitants but also the wildest ones. On Saturday afternoon, you can see conveys of horses and people walking from gathering here with many kinds of farm products. They come from distant communities so they have to ride on the horse all day to the market. This remote town suddenly turns noisy with laughter and the stampede of footsteps. The market located in the centre of town, surrounded by verdant mountain ranges and clouds.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Sin Ho market, Vietnam motorbiking destination

The local people here still use coins of up to a few hundred years in circulation to purchase or exchange goods. These coins often play an important role in their daily life like wedding and other festivities. When entering that multicolour world, you will treasure and value all hardness to come here.

Currently, the road to Sin Ho is easier to access. However, expect half-wheel dirt track and landslides in summer.

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