Mau Son Mountain Resort lies on three communes: Cong Son, Mau Son (Cao Loc rural district), and Mau Son commune (Loc Binh rural district). In reality, this hill station covers an area of 10,470ha. It also has a mild climate and the average temperature is 15,6 degree Celsius which is very suitable for resting. French doctor, Mr. Opilot came to build a villa here in 1935. Years later, there were many villas in Mau Son to serve French officers.

Mau Son is surrounded by hundreds of big and small mountains. Summer is cool while in winter fog and mist cover the peak most of the time. There is sometimes snowfall on winter days. Mau Son tea is famous for its sweet taste, after a drink, you will remember it forever. Mau Son in Lang Son is as Sapa in Lao Cai, but less than 180 km from Hanoi. Tourists can visit China over the border gate Chi Ma. Now, Mau Son is in its process to build a resort area and develop tourism, especially mountain climbing towers.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Mau Son mountain resort for motorbiking in Vietnam.

In fact, we don’t recommend staying in Mau Son. Firstly, it’s damp and wet all year round so guess the smell in your room. Even dehumidifiers can’t help. Secondly, many of our customers complained about the quality of service and prostitution there. In fact, we haven’t stayed in this mountain top town for many years.

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