Ba Be lakes and the national park is a great retreat attraction in Northeast Vietnam. Both the lakes and the park cover a large area. In fact, it’s the largest lake on a limestone mountain in the world.

Ba Be National Park

Ba Be national park is 40km from Bac Kan Town, 250km north of Hanoi. The park covers over 10,000ha, with Ba Be Lake as its central point. The Lake is surrounded by limestone forest and is the realm of many species of fresh-water fish. Besides the Lake, the park also has many unique sites such as Puong Cave, Dau Dang and Room waterfalls, and the Fairy pond.

Fauna System

Ba Be national park has up to 1,280 floral species belonging to nearly 140 families, comprising many rare plants listed in both the Vietnam and world red books. The park is home to 25 plants listed in the International Union for Natural Protection (IUCN) red book. The local fauna is also very diverse and is listed at more than 600 species, including 66 rare and endemic species such as the great hornbill, a local species of pheasant, and the snub nose languor.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Ba Be Lakes, A Motorbiking Destination in Northeast Vietnam.

Ba Be Lakes

The freshwater Lake Babe is the only significant natural upland lake in the North of Vietnam with a total surface area of 500 hectares. Babe lake is dotted with many limestone mountains which have many caves and an underground stream. Therefore the water here is always blue and clear. Babe is some 145 m above sea level, 8 km long, 3 km wide, and about 25-30 deep. You can also find many ancient trees, several are precious wood.

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