Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Off-road Dirt Bike Enduro Tours Thailand. dirt bike introduction for beginners Off-road Dirt Bike Enduro Tours in Thailand are operated by our partners based in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.

Motorcycle tours are usually for experienced riders. However, we know there are a lot of seasoned riders out there that have never had an experience off-road. In 2007 we introduced a tour for novice off-roaders called off-road dirt bike enduro tours in Thailand.

Providing you are capable of handling a road bike with ease come with us. Let us show you the joys of getting dirty on the trails. But, a word of caution, after being in the capable hands of our team we guarantee that a dirt bike will be on your ‘must-have‘ list! Will your marriage cope with this? Let’s dirt bike Thailand.

Who Can Ride With Us

This tour is designed for experienced road riders with little or no experience in riding off-road. In this case, it is not designed for novice motorcyclists!

Off-road riding with dirt bikes is very different from road biking. First is the height of the machine and the higher centre of gravity. Then the other major difference is the terrain!

We introduced this tour because many riders who toured with us saw the dirt bike. Afterward, they expressed an interest in dirt-bike touring but didn’t have the skills or experience. If this is you, then take a look at this tour and seriously consider it. We guarantee that if you can ride a road bike we will show you the joys of riding in the jungles of Thailand.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Off-road Dirt Bike Enduro Tours Thailand. dirt bike introduction for beginners We have given the option for a day of training on our Enduro track. However, this is not essential as our team will be riding with you. We give you pointers on how to navigate your machines through this region safely and with a great deal of fun.

Off-road Dirt Bike Enduro Tours – Itinerary 1

On our off-road dirt bike enduro tours, we will leave Chiang Mai city for the first day riding along winding roads with some of the sharpest hairpin bends in Thailand. Over 6 days we will slowly build up your confidence. You ride from easy to moderate trails into the outback of northwest Thailand.

While designing this itinerary, we cover 60% road and 40% off-road. However, we are able to alter this as your experience and confidence grow. Within a short time, we will have you ploughing through rivers, climbing up steep mountain passes and trails to 2,300 meters above sea level, and along tight forest paths at the Burmese border. After all, that’s the success of our off-road dirt bike enduro tours.

We will stay in a different guest house every night and feast on Thailand’s world-renowned cuisine. Moreover, the accommodation we use is local-run establishments offering quality unique lodgings.

– 1st day: Road and trail riding to Pai town
– 2nd day: Riding to Pangmapha wilderness centre.
– 3rd day: Riding to Mae Hong Son Shan town.
– 4th day: Riding to Mae Sariang.
– 5th day: Riding to Mae Chaem.
– 6th day: Riding to Wat Chan.
– 7th day: Return Chiang Mai city.


– We will be covering a lot of ground both on off-road dirt bike enduro tours. Our team will guide you through the jungles and trails of Thailand offering tips and advice on off-road riding techniques. Providing you have good experience riding road bikes our experienced competition standard Enduro team will introduce you quickly and safely to the joys of dirt biking.

– Our team will decide where we ride each day depending on how well your techniques and ability and confidence grows. We have added a few extra support riders to this tour so if any of the group come on quicker than others we can split the group and ride regions suitable for every ability.

– It’s not all riding as we will be also visiting many areas rich in culture and diversity including much time spent in the company of the hill tribes of the region and possibly a few wild nights you will remember for a very long time.

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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Off-road Dirt Bike Enduro Tours Thailand. 9 day wilderness adventure We will be riding Honda XR 250’s into some of the most remote regions in Thailand. This tour is not suitable for inexperienced riders because we will be riding very deep into the jungle with very few inhabitants and over the sometimes tricky terrain. Adventure is what this trip is about and we guarantee plenty of it! Leave your money behind because where we’re going you won’t be able to spend it.

We leave Chiang Mai city riding approximately 80 kilometres on smooth roads before we meet some easy off-road riding to get you warmed up. The first evening we will be staying 1,800 meters above sea level in comfortable bungalow accommodation, a time to relax and discuss the plans for the next 5 days. Our support guys will load up with essential items including food, water, tents, blankets, sleeping bags, and possibly a case of beer for evenings around the campfire. In short, this is called a ‘Wilderness Adventure’ and it is exactly that.

How We Ride

Our lead riders will be equipped with GPS navigation and also walkie-talkie contact with the support vehicle. Every person riding must work as a team, weaving our way through this huge area of forest, mountains, and hill tribes.

Best of all, no tour is alike as we never follow the same routes twice in one season, so the adventure is as much for us as it will be for you.

We do not give an itinerary except for stating when we leave Chiang Mai and when we return.

Accommodation will either be homestay in the mountains. In other words, this means stopping at a hill tribe mountain village and asking the locals to put up a group of dirt bikers in their homes for the night! So expect the unexpected, at times we may be too far from civilization and then we will use the tents and camp in the jungle.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Off-road Dirt Bike Enduro Tours Thailand. 9 day wilderness adventure At times we will be very close to the Burmese border and for this, you may find our normal guides are replaced by the Thai military who will guide us to safe regions and we may stay in army barracks.

Off-road Dirt Bike Enduro Tours – Itinerary 2

This is pure adventure and the trails we take will depend entirely on where our front wheel is pointing!

– 1st day: Road and trail riding.
– 2nd day: Riding.
– 3rd day: Riding.
– 4th day: Riding.
– 5th day: Riding.
– 6th day: Riding.
– 7th day: Return Chiang Mai city


– If you are seeking great riding then this is for you. If you are looking for luxury hotels, hot showers, and western world creature comforts this tour is not for you! Many times we will be showering in cool mountain streams and waterfalls while riding. Food will be barbecued on campfires so please do not expect thick juicy steaks and jacket potatoes! Food will be a good quality local food so we hope you like rice! Just joking. The food is great!

– We ran this tour first in 2003 and 2004 with great success. In fact, our Thai support riders enjoy this tour more than any other tour we run. The tour is run between November and April with December/January being the best time with warm days and cool nights.

– We have allowed ‘buffer’ days before and after the 7-day riding section giving you time to relax and enjoy the city nightlife before hitting the trails. We can customise this tour to suit your requirements and time schedules.

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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Off-road Dirt Bike Enduro Tours Thailand. dirtbike enduro holiday Our dirt bike journey will take us over countless mountains to the border of Burma where we will enjoy a few evenings in the company of some of the colourful hill tribes indigenous to this region. Depending on your choice you will eat with them and sleep in their villages. You don’t need to be a superstar MotoX rider although some experience in off-road biking would be an advantage. Providing you are an accomplished road rider we can get you safely (and with a lot of fun) over the terrain in this vast jungle region. Expect to push your riding skills to the max pushing through so many rivers, over dusty and rocky trails up to 2000 meters above sea level.

This is an adventure biking tour but we do allow plenty of time for enjoying the breathtaking sights and maybe a beer or two in some local friendly establishments (when the day’s riding is over!). This is a back-to-basics tour meaning we go miles from mainstream tourism as the best off-roading is never too close to a Hilton hotel! While on the ride, you stay in unique bungalow-style lodges and locally-run guesthouses. These places are situated high in the mountains with spectacular views over the sub-Himalayas. Most customers rate the places we stay as one of the highlights of the bike tour. To offer more variety, we will stay in a different place every night.

Off-road Dirt Bike Enduro Tours – Itinerary 3

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Off-road Dirt Bike Enduro Tours Thailand. dirtbike enduro holiday – 1st day: Road and off-road riding to Wat Chan Karen village. (~190 km)

– 2nd day: Off-Road to Mae Chaem and Thailand’s highest mountain (~185 km some road riding)

– 3rd day: Road to Khun Yuam including difficult off-road riding in places. On the other hand, an alternative route is available for less experienced riders. (~155 km)

– 4th day: ~125 kilometers of fantastic off-roading along the Salween river then road riding onwards to Mae Hong Son.

– 5th day: Easy day road and then with gentle off-roading exploring this beautiful Shan town and Ruam Thai royal village (~160 km)

– 6th day: Early start riding out to Soppong and Lisu Mountain Lodge and then remote waterfall including 4 river crossings. (~130 km)

– 7th day: Ride off-road to a remote underground cave, plus Burmese hill-tribe village, and finally up to the border of Burma. (~130 km)

– 8th day: Off-road to Pai (difficult riding alternative route available) (~100 km)

– 9th day: Long days riding for our return to Chiang Mai city. In general, you ride a mixture of road and off-road (~210 km)

– 10th day: Free use of 125cc city scooters for a day of leisure and a night in Chiang Mai city with the team.


– Our tours are designed by riders for riders. We operate our tours with safety first and then fun and adventure. You will not find us flying red flags on our motorcycles or holding up umbrellas for you to follow the guide. We all work as a team in making choices for what we do and see each day.

– We stay in different accommodations every evening and dine on world-renowned food every day. In addition, Most of our motorcycle tours include good accommodation unique to Thailand. Nevertheless, on one Enduro tour, we live and sleep in tents in the jungle and cook our own food under the stars.

– Off-road riding can be either easy or difficult as your experience can deal with.

Our unique partnership with Motorbike Thailand means we can offer tours in Vietnam alone or a twin country biking tour in Northern Thailand and Northern Vietnam. Off-road dirt bike enduro tours, road touring, and scooter tours in either country await the adventurous motorcyclist. Contact our staff in Vietnam or in Thailand to start an adventure of your lifetime.

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