(Short Around Hanoi In One Day Cycling Tour)

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Our day tour of rural Hanoi will lead you into the heart of Bac Ninh Province. In fact, it’s distinctive for being the wealthiest province in Northern Vietnam. The wealthy did not come from heaven, but the farmer here works harder than anywhere else. In other provinces, most fields are empty in the time between the second rice season and the first planting of the following year. Here in Bac Ninh, farmers plant other crops or vegetables such as maize, bean, peanut, and more to make ends meet.

This trip epitomizes our main philosophy. Sure, see the urban tourist highlights you’ve heard and read about so much, but then we would like you to get out of the cities to discover the real Vietnam and its vibrant agrarian culture in it are most authentic form and in a traditional way – by bicycle. Tourists are rare this far out of Hanoi and you’ll likely be the only ones in the area.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Around Hanoi in one day cycling tour by Sinbalo Adventures.

Aside from the beautiful expanse of emerald green rice fields, life along the canals, these trips end up at one of the most magnificent temples near Hanoi, But Thap Pagoda, which according to academics, was the first Buddhist centre in Vietnam.

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