Offroad Vietnam has been offering scooter rentals in Hanoi for over 10 years, since 2006. In reality, we only use scooters of less than 5 years old or have less than 30,000km on odometers. These scooters can be used as commuters in and around Hanoi or also for touring at a slow pace and on sealed roads. Below are ex-rental (used) scooters for sale in Hanoi after we upgraded to newer fleets.

Offroad Vietnam Used Scooters For Sale In Hanoi - 2014 black/white Honda RS 110cc. Front disc brake, rear drum brake.
Offroad Vietnam Used Scooters For Sale In Hanoi - 2014 black/white Honda RS 110cc. Front disc brake, rear drum brake from left.
Offroad Vietnam Used Scooters For Sale In Hanoi - 2015 black Honda Blade 110cc. Front disc brake, rear drum brake with cast wheels.
Offroad Vietnam Used Scooters For Sale In Hanoi - 2015 black Honda Blade 110cc. Front disc brake, rear drum brake with cast wheels, from the left side.

2014-2015 Honda Semi-automatic Used Scooters For Sale In Hanoi


This kind of scooter is by far the cheapest yet most reliable in Vietnam from Honda. Despite the bigger sale of automatic scooters in recent years, when people need a real commuter or a reliable bike they will think about this semi-automatic and select it as the first choice. In cities, people tend to choose automatic scooters but in rural areas, people will choose semi-automatic scooters. It’s not just much cheaper to buy and operate but also more reliable as well as they hold value well.

Honda scooters for sale

Offroad Vietnam has been using this type of scooter since 2006. In fact, we upgrade to newer fleets very regularly. The used scooters for sale are in great conditions, well serviced, have all replacements needed and work like champs.

Made in between 2014 and 2015 in Vietnam, single-cylinder, 4 rotary speeds, 100kg, disc or drum brakes and delivers 9HP. The wheels come with 17″ front and back which make small potholes very easily. All used scooters for sale have electric and also kick-start which makes it easy to start the bike if the battery is low. Available in varied colours. Recent service, maintenance, and replacements assure them in good working conditions.

All bikes come with original (real) blue registration papers.

Honestly, they work like near new bikes. You will have a lot of mileage to ride over the coming years. Honda is a legend in Vietnam and you can find semi-automatic scooters everywhere, some can be over 50 years old and still work!

Why are used scooters for sale expensive?

All used semi-automatic scooters above cost between 600 to 650$US each. Some can have a small discount and we will discuss it when you look at the bikes.

Honda Vietnam sells these scooters with registration for around 1,000$US. Therefore, don’t expect really cheap prices when you look for a real scooter! Many dishonest sellers have Chinese copies and they advertised as Honda products, check the blue registration paper and if you don’t find Honda as a brand then it’s a fake copy. See an example below (personal details were deleted for privacy purposes).

Offroad Vietnam Used Scooters For Sale In Hanoi - How to tell if your motorbike is a real Honda product?

Why Buy Our Used Scooters For Sale?

There are many used motorbike dealers in Hanoi. Some are honest and most are not. Cheap deals usually come from bikes that require extensive engine work or involved in accidents and therefore you lose money in the long run and these bikes are not safe to ride. Below are a few reasons why you should buy our bikes.

– We are honest about bike conditions and also provide a repair history if requested.
– Used scooters for sale have fresh engine oil, full fuel tank, good tires, chain, and sprockets. Brakes, horns, and lights all work. In addition, we just cleaned the carburettor. You also have two mirrors and a clean bike. Ready.to.go. Simply ride and do not need to do anything with your bike.
– A rear GIVI luggage rack installed for bags.
– Owned and serviced by a team of more than 20 years riding these bikes.
– Come with real blue card registration papers.
– Customized and fine-tuned for short/medium/long-distance touring.
– Easy to sell your bike back to anyone in Vietnam anywhere.
– Parts available everywhere and at very affordable prices.
Assistance when you need help on the road.

Long story short, we sell you reliability, confidence, and breakdown free scooters. Something you never have to worry about rather than flat tires (you run over nails)

Contact us now.

For a full list of second-hand or used motorbikes, motorcycles and scooters Offroad Vietnam Adventure Travel sold or are selling in Hanoi, Vietnam, please follow this link.

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