SYM Attila 125cc was from Taiwanese SYM. In fact, it’s this company best seller. However, from our experience, it’s quite dangerous due to front wheels which are small.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Sale - SYM Attila 125cc Used Scooter For Sale. White, Drum brake

SYM Attila 125cc Used Scooter For Sale

Attila is probably the most successful fully automatic scooter model of SYM Taiwan in Vietnam. It is a copy of the famous Honda Spacy (the very current model even copies the design from the Vespa LX – bad point!) and a good air cooled engine at a reasonable price (good point). The Attila has a typical gas mileage of 3.0–4.0 L/100 km. The steering system is a bit not really responsive. Available for pick up from late 2009, in Hanoi only.

This bike was registered in 2004 and will be sold by the original owner. The Attila has a large lockable centre compartment, located below the seat, which can hold a helmet with room to spare. It also features electronic seat opening.

Only one scooter available for 700$US.

Sorry, we already sold this bike.

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