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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Sale – Honda Win 100cc For Sale In Hanoi


Sorry, we have sold this Honda Win 100cc. It’s a good bike but just too small for our customers.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Sale - Honda Win 100cc For Sale In Hanoi: Rebuilt Honda Win Light Refreshed Sport 100cc Black, Drum brake


Light weight, easy to ride, fast and reliable. In reality, this bike shares the same engine and many parts like the popular Honda Wave or Dream 100cc which makes it the cheapest option for a manual clutch bike in Vietnam. To make it even better, we upgraded the electrical system to 12V. Currently, the generic Chinese version of this Honda Win is popular for tourists. They accept a low price in exchange for lower quality or dishonest sellers just said Honda Win while they must make it clear as Chinese Win. We don’t like the fact that people advertise Honda Win while it’s a Chinese copy. However, this genuine Honda Win (rebuilt in late 2010) is far more reliable than a Chinese copy! Honestly, this is straight out a lie!

Made in 1994 in Indonesia, single cylinder, 4 speeds, 100kg. Front and back drum brakes. Restored and rebuilt in late 2010 with some customized parts and currently in perfect working conditions. At the moment, just one bike left for 600$US with ownership paper. Available now, in Hanoi only.

This is a starter option for road/dirt bike lovers. In addition, smooth shock, fuel saving and good engine make it the cheapest choice for long distance biking.


To know if it’s a real Honda Win or a Chinese copy cat, check the below things:
– Electric start: Real Honda Win comes with only kick start, no electric. On the other hand, Chinese copies have both.
– Engine displacement: Real Honda Win was installed with only 100cc. However, Chinese copies have 100, 100 and also 125cc engines.
– Registration paper: You must see Honda on the blue card, anything else means a Chinese copy. In fact, Chinese bikes might have variation like Hongda!?

Sorry, we already sold this bike.

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  1. jack Reply

    Hello. I am interested in buying a similar bike to bike from Hanoi to HMC. If a similar bike becomes available could you please notify me. Regards. Jack

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Jack. Most of the “Win” motorbikes in Vietnam now are Chinese copy cats and you know the quality. The genuine Honda Win costs over 2,000$US brand new (not available now because Honda discontinued this model in 2005) or from 500$US old depending on conditions. It’s on the collectors’ list so if a decent one becomes available they will go for it. We don’t think we have this model again. Good luck.

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