Offroad Vietnam has been providing this Honda CRF150L for self-guided and guided tours since 2019. We replaced the inside components of the engine with the original parts from a Honda CBF150 (crankshaft with a counterbalancer). This 2019 Honda CRF150L for sale now offers less engine vibration, very similar to Honda XR150L! It’s probably the only one in Vietnam with a crankshaft counterbalancer (or counterweights). Crankshaft counterweights are designed to offset (or balance) the inertia effect of a relatively heavy piston and connecting rod moving in both a rotational and reciprocating (up-and-down) fashion. The weight of the piston and connecting rod combination affects the size and placement of the counterweight.

The price for this amazing dual enduro is 58 million Dongs (about 2,500$US).

Red/White Honda CRF150L For Sale In Hanoi, Year 2019. From left.
Red/White Honda CRF150L For Sale In Hanoi, Year 2019. From right.
Red/White Honda CRF150L For Sale In Hanoi, Year 2019. New cylinder kit.
Red/White Honda CRF150L For Sale In Hanoi, Year 2019. Front tire and suspension.
Red/White Honda CRF150L For Sale In Hanoi, Year 2019. Rear tire.

About Honda CRF150L for sale

Made in 2018 in Indonesia by PT Astra Honda Motor joint venture, single-cylinder, 5 speeds, air-cooled, 120kg, front, and rear disc brakes, and delivers 12.8HP. The standard enduro wheels come with 21″ front and 18″back with large tires which make small potholes not an issue at all. The used Honda CRF150L for sale has both electric and kick start. The kick-start makes it easy to start the bike even if the battery is low (rarely). Recent service, maintenance, and replacements assure it in excellent working condition.

Honestly, it works as a champ. You will have a lot of mileage to ride over the coming years. Honda is a legend in Vietnam and you can find a mechanic who is ready to service your bike anywhere in Vietnam! Parts are easy to find too.

Why Buy Our Used Red/White Honda CRF150L For Sale In Hanoi

For sale from the first and original owner, the 2019 Honda CRF150L is in good condition.
  • Enduro wheels 21/18 inches front/back
  • No broken plastic (few small scratches), original stickers
  • Front/rear tires 50-80%
  • The engine was upgraded with a counterbalancer for the crankshaft. Perhaps the first and only one with this upgrade in Vietnam. That reduces engine vibration noticeably.
  • New cylinder kit
  • New front suspension protection cover
  • Recently replaced clutch
  • Aftermarket rear indicators. The original (longer) indicators are available also.
  • Larger enduro stainless steel rider’s foot pegs. Super strong and good.
  • Driver chain and sprocket size 520 for CRF250L in good shape
  • Ownership is transferable for a small fee
  • Real photos were taken recently in March 2023
  • Odometre is 69,000 km
  • Bonus: new brake discs front and rear. They are better than the original wavy parts

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