Honda CM Master 125cc is possibly one of the cheapest but a quality cruiser. In fact, it was made by a Honda joint venture in China.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Sale - Honda CM Master 125cc For Sale In Hanoi. Honda CM Master 125/150cc Black. Front Disc & Back Drum Brakes

Honda CM Master 125cc for sale in Hanoi

Made in 2009 in China by Honda Wuyang joint venture company, single-cylinder, 5 rotary speeds (N-1-2-3-4-5-N) and 135kg. It has a front large disc brake and a back large drum brake. In addition, tubeless large tires are present on this cruiser. It is the same size as CM LA 250cc and is generally larger than most of the bikes below 150cc. In reality, it’s in near new condition. Odo: ~7,000km. Only one bike left for 1,450$US with original ownership paper. Available now, in Hanoi only.

This is a near-new bike. The best quality of its type you can find in Hanoi. The original head was replaced with an overbore kit of 150cc in early 2013 so the bike is stronger, it now gives you 14HP. A new exhaust pipe (silencer) was also installed. This is a very good investment if you ride in Hanoi or on long-distance trips because it’s a real cruiser and uses less than 3l of gasoline for every 100km. Please don’t compare this bike to a generic Chinese copy, it’s a genuine Honda!

Sorry, we already sold this Honda CM Master.

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