Offroad Vietnam has been providing this Honda XR125L for self-guided and guided tours since 2013. A few customized parts will make this bike an ideal small dirt bike for Vietnam.

Offroad Vietnam Used Scooters For Sale In Hanoi - 2013 red dirt bike used Honda XR125 150cc for sale in Hanoi, from right.
Offroad Vietnam Dirt Bike Rental - Honda XR125 150cc In Hanoi, from left. Raised handle bar.

Offroad Vietnam Dirt Bike Rental - Honda XR125 150cc In Hanoi, right engine.
Offroad Vietnam Dirt Bike Rental - Honda XR125 150cc In Hanoi, drive chain and sprockets.
Offroad Vietnam Dirt Bike Rental - Honda XR125 150cc In Hanoi, rear wheel.
Offroad Vietnam Dirt Bike Rental - Honda XR150 150cc In Hanoi. 2013-2015 Honda dirt (trail) bike Honda XR125L 150cc Red & White, front disc brake, back drum brake and hand guard for handle bar.
2013 Used Honda XR125 For Sale In Hanoi


This used to be the first small dirt bike to be imported brand new in Vietnam in 2011. With nearly 100% taxes, it costs more than in any country that Honda Sundiro in China exported this bike to. However, with the new arrival of the Honda XR150 from 2015, we have a new and better choice, and of course, more expensive.

Both models are identical and the differences are engine displacement, speedometre, front mud-guard, and lights. Like any Honda product, they share the same parts with many other models that you can buy easily anywhere in Vietnam if you need parts.

Used Honda XR125 for sale

Offroad Vietnam has been using this type of dirt bike since 2013. In fact, we currently provide the newer Honda XR150. The used Honda XR125 for sale is in great condition, well serviced, have all replacements needed, and works like champs.

Made in between 2013 in China by Honda Sundiro joint venture, single-cylinder, 5 speeds, air-cooled, 130kg, front disc brake and delivers 11HP. The wheels come with 19″ front and 17″back with large tires which make small potholes not an issue at all. The used Honda XR125 for sale has both electric and start. The kick-start makes it easy to start the bike if the battery is low (rarely). Available in red colour. Recent service, maintenance, and replacements assure it in excellent working conditions.

The red bike comes with Hanoi blue registration paper which is the most expensive in Vietnam. However, you can sell it easier and at a good price. You will buy it from the original/first owner (Anh Wu).

Honestly, it works as a nearly new bike. You will have a lot of mileage to ride over the coming years. Honda is a legend in Vietnam and you can find a mechanic who is ready to service your bike anywhere in Vietnam!

Why is Honda XR125 expensive?

Our used Honda XR125 for sale costs 1,700$US. We will discuss it in detail when you look at the bike.

We bought it new with a Hanoi number plate and engine upgrade for around 3,000$US. Therefore, don’t expect cheap prices when you buy a genuine small dirt bike!

Why Buy Our Used Honda XR125

There are many used motorbike dealers in Hanoi. Some are honest and most are not. Cheap deals usually come from bikes that require heavy engine work or are involved in accidents and therefore you lose money in the long run and these bikes are not safe to ride. Below are a few reasons why you should buy our bike.

– A new (stronger) clutch cable that lasts the whole lifetime.
– A new carburettor for the 150cc engine uses a bit more gasoline but delivers more power and you don’t even need the Choke in the morning.
– We are honest about bike conditions and also provide a repair history if requested.
– The used bike for sale has fresh semi-synthetic engine oil (Top 1), a full fuel tank, good tires, chain, and sprockets. Brakes, horns, and lights work. You also have two mirrors and a clean bike. Ready.to.go. Simply ride and do not need to do anything with your bike.
– Owned and serviced by a team of more than 20 years riding touring motorbikes.
– Come with Hanoi blue card registration paper and you buy directly from the original/first owner.
– Customized and fine-tuned for short/medium/long-distance touring.
– Easy to sell your bike back to anyone in Vietnam anywhere.
– Parts are available everywhere and at very affordable prices.
Assistance when you need help on the road.

2013 red dirt bike used Honda XR125 150cc for sale in Hanoi on a trip.

Sorry, we already sold this bike.

If you want to find out more about the Honda XR125L handled Vietnam motorbike tours our company provides, please watch the below video or visit our YouTube channel.


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