Our Honda XR250 Baja for sale in Hanoi was sold in mid-June 2017. The two customers rode down to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and already sold them there.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Sale - 1998 Honda XR250 Baja For Sale In HCMC (Saigon) by customers. Silver, Red, Black or White with disc brakes
Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Sale - 1998 Honda XR250 Baja For Sale In Saigon, Southern Vietnam. Silver, Red, Black or White with disc brakes

1998 Honda XR250 Baja For Sale In Hanoi

Special update

Many people who want to buy this Honda XR250 Baja model worry about selling bikes back when they end in HCMC (Saigon). Honestly, we don’t offer buy-back option because we don’t buy and sell bikes. These are bikes we don’t need after upgrading to newer bikes. However, many expats who work in HCMC also ask us about buying this model down there, but again we have no office in Saigon so we, unfortunately, can’t help.

To make it easy for everyone, we will help people who buy this model from Hanoi by providing contacts who want to buy in HCMC. For people who buy back this bike down in HCMC, you can have a lower price than buying from us but expect some service needed. Note that we have parts for this model in stock, replacement, and repair can easily be done in Saigon.

Honda XR250 Baja for sale

Offroad Vietnam has been using this dual-sport enduro model since 2007 and it’s now time to upgrade to a new fleet of Honda XR125L and XR150L. We have been taking good care of these 1998 Honda XR250 Baja Enduro and hopefully, they will find good new owners.

Made in 1998 in Japan, single-cylinder, 6 speeds, 140kg, front and back disc brakes and delivers 28HP. The wheels come with a 21″ front and 18″ back which make potholes as smooth as highways. Some even come with optional kick-start which makes it easy to start the bike if the battery is low. Available in silver, red or black colour. Recently restored in 2014 with some customized parts like front headlight (single), back brake (twin caliper), etc. and currently in good working conditions.

All bikes come with papers.

Some people asked us to buy a bike as a project bike, sadly we don’t sell bikes this way. We just sell the whole bike and you can do whatever after purchase.

Why are these bikes expensive?

FYI, bikes above 125cc come with 120% taxes in Vietnam so expect to pay around 2 times for the same bike in Vietnam like in your home country. For example, a new 250cc Honda CRF250L (same displacement like XR250 Baja) costs over 10,500$US in Hanoi, with papers. However, in Thailand where the CRF250L was made the price is just 4,200$US. Therefore, don’t expect cheap prices when you look for a real iron horse!

Why buy our bike(s)

There are only some of these 250cc dirt bikes you could find in Hanoi. However, most of them don’t come with papers or were poorly maintained. Below are a few reasons why you should buy our bikes:
– We are honest about bike conditions and provide a repair history.
– Owned and serviced by a team of more than 6 years riding these bikes.
– Come with blue card registration papers.
– Customized and fine-tuned for long-distance touring.
– Possibility to sell your bike back in HCMC with contacts who want to buy.
– Parts available when you need them.
Assistance when you need help on the road.

Sorry, we already sold these bikes.

For a full list of second-hand or used motorbikes, motorcycles and scooters Offroad Vietnam Adventure Travel sold or are selling in Hanoi, Vietnam, please follow this link.

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