Offroad Vietnam has been providing lightweight 110cc scooters for people to commute in Hanoi since 2006. The good thing with this type of bike is short riders under 1.7m can use it comfortably! It’s light, small and can get you anywhere in or around Hanoi. However, due to the small body, we think it’s more suitable for female riders. The 110cc Honda Click automatic scooter for sale in Hanoi was first registered in late 2008 and just has over 30,000km mileage.

The price for this great bike is 12 million Dongs.

You can ride test this scooter at our office in the Old Quarter of Hanoi between 9am and 12pm and 2pm to 5pm from Monday to Saturday. Unfortunately, Sunday we are closed but if you really want to try then we can meet at our garage in Long Bien district (appointment needed).

Red 110cc Honda Click automatic scooter for sale in Hanoi, year 2008. From left.
Red 110cc Honda Click automatic scooter for sale in Hanoi, year 2008. From right.

A good thing about this small scooter is not it’s very reliable but also for a storage box under the seat. You can store a small helmet and many personal things there.

Red 110cc Honda Click automatic scooter for sale in Hanoi, year 2008. The storage under the seat.

Why Buy Our 110cc Honda Click Automatic Scooter For Sale In Hanoi

There are many used motorbike dealers in Hanoi. Some are honest and most are not. Very cheap bikes usually require more service or even engine rebuild (oil burning) after your purchase. Our scooter is fully serviced by our team (not employees), and we offer two months guarantee.

– Automatic 110cc real Honda engine, does not burn oil.
– A clean carburettor that allows you to start first thing in the morning and you don’t need to use the Choke because it already has a fuel heater :)
– We are honest about bike condition and also provide a repair history if requested.
– The used bike for sale has fresh fully-synthetic engine oil (Oryx, imported from the UAE), a full fuel tank, and a spare inner tube. Brakes, horns, and lights work perfectly. You also have two mirrors and a clean bike. Ready.to.go.
– Owned and serviced by a team of more than 20 years riding hiring motorbikes in Hanoi.
– Come with Hanoi blue card registration paper.
– Easy to sell your bike back to anyone in Vietnam and anywhere.
– Parts available at over 800 Honda authorized shops and uncountable private shops and at affordable prices.
Assistance when you need help on the road in fluent English and Vietnamese.

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