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Why Our Bikes?

Offroad Vietnam is the first and original tour operator providing genuine Honda 4-stroke road and dirt bikes from 125 to 250cc. We only use our bikes only, all Japanese Honda bikes. In fact, we don’t rent bikes from any company. If you request, a few bikes can be lowered to fit your specific height. Some companies use small displacements or even worse Chinese copycats to lower the costs but we don’t do that. Rental bikes are of poorer quality due to more frequent use and by different levels of riders. In fact, most tour operators in Vietnam use rental bikes or even cheap Chinese fakes.

We focus on the performance of our bikes, not the appearance. If you want a shiny bike then we are afraid they are not, but if you need good machines then they are real “iron buffalo”. Dirt bikes work with dirt roads and tracks and being dirty is a very typical image when people refer to dirt bikes.

Intermediate and experienced riders are recommended to join our trip(s), however, beginners or riders with very little riding experience can pay a riding lesson (30$US) in Hanoi before leaving. You could take a lesson at home or in Hanoi. The good news is almost nobody who took our riding lesson failed to ride and only one of them was down while riding! If you drive a manual car you will be quick to learn.

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You come this far but still have specific questions or any suggestions, feel free to contact us in case you need more details.

To find out which motorbike/scooter is really the best for you, please watch the below video. For more videos, you can visit our YouTube channel.


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