Planning your Vietnam adventure holidays in the right way saves you some money and unnecessary negation. On the other hand, you will have a great experience.

While we attempt to provide travellers with a wide range of experiences and destinations, we know that many people have needs and special interests outside our offerings. That’s one of the reasons we encourage anyone who is considering booking a trip with us to call, email, or instant message us so we can discuss your interests and expectations. Even though we go into great detail in describing each journey we have found it helpful to everyone to be able to discuss the nuts and bolts of the trips and regions you are interested in.

In addition, we believe personal contact is very important. You should prepare properly and completely to make your journey successful and pleasantly memorable. We are also happy to provide you with client references. You can talk with real people who’ve travelled with us in those areas. Below is advice on planning your Vietnam adventure holidays from a rider like you.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Planning Your Vietnam Adventure Holidays

Motorcycle Tour Planning Tips by Nancy Brotherton

Before you head for the road, there are some touring tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your trip without all the worry and fuss. An organization is essential when you want to get the most out of your adventure. This also applies to planning your Vietnam adventure holidays.

Riding ability

First and foremost in planning your tour is understanding your riding style. Asking yourself these questions will help you determine what kind of touring style you prefer. Do you like to ride in a group, stopping when they stop, or do you prefer making the decisions? Would you like long leisurely rides on winding country roads? Do you like the thrill of speeding down the highway at breakneck speed? Are you interested to ride for as long as you can without stopping or do you enjoy shopping and seeing the sights? Would you mind going through cities during rush hour with heavy traffic? Do you like to begin a journey with no destination in mind and just follow the road where it takes you? All this and more will determine the route you plan to take and what you will pack.

After you determine what your riding preferences are then you can start to plan your trip. If you like long winding country roads and leisurely riding, you will probably want to go as little interstate as possible. If you like to be in charge of where and when you stop, you may want to go alone or with a few well-known friends.


With the invention of the Internet and GPS systems, there is an abundance of information available on routes, hotels, restaurants, and sights along any route to any destination you may choose. You can even check out the local traffic situations in the areas that you will be visiting. By being familiar with your route through research or personal experience, you can determine the best places to stop to eat, take a break, or rest for the night. You can also stop when you feel like stopping and take pot luck.

To save time and keep away from the morning rush hour traffic in most towns or cities, you may want to plan your evening stop at a hotel at the end of town. In the morning, you are going away from traffic instead of towards it.

Riding distance

Keep in mind that 100 miles doesn’t sound like a lot, but on winding country roads, it can take much more time and effort than straight highway riding. If the weather is hot and sunny, remember to stay hydrated and stop often to stretch. Also, keep in mind that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, so be sure and have a good idea where you will be when riding so that you aren’t blinded by the sun’s setting or rising. It may be a good time for you to take a break.

There is one method to keep organized and keep papers together for an extended trip. Put each day’s event information, such as hotel confirmations, routes, mileage, tickets, etc. in an envelope with the date and location marked on the front. When you stop for the night, you can look at the next day’s information. Therefore you feel comfortable knowing where you are and where you are going. Peace of mind and feeling in control is worth its weight in gold.

Personal stuff

Always carry extra cash in case you have to pay for a service you didn’t plan on. For example, a fellow rider had towing insurance, but couldn’t get her service to send a tow truck. They had to go with local service and pay upfront with cash. In fact, the local service didn’t accept credit cards or checks.

Make sure and bring a camera along so that you can record your trip. By photos, you remember unique places and new friends you make along the way. Another way to make sure you remember your trip is to take a small road journal with you. At the end of each evening, write down how you felt and what you saw. If the roads were terrible and it stormed most of the time, you may rethink the route or time of year for your next road trip.

If you come this far and still have more questions on planning your Vietnam adventure holidays, then just contact us.

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