(Honda Winner 150cc: 4-stroke, electric start & kick start under-bone scooter / road bikes. Very easy to ride. 15$US/bike/day for long trips out of Hanoi – unlimited mileage – or 100$US/month as a commuter in Hanoi – limited to 1,500km/30 days.)

Update! From late 2020, we have three different choices of the seat for riders from 1.6m to 2m. You can see below the original (skinny) and the upgraded (quite thick). We also have one in the middle. Therefore, you can ride a Honda Winner with confidence.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Honda Winner 150cc diferent seats for tall and short riders.

Please don’t confuse between this Honda Winner 150cc and the outdated Honda Win 100cc or the Chinese copy of the Honda Win. They are different in type, displacement, and model.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Honda Winner 150cc White & Black, Disc brakes, cast wheels.
Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Red Honda Winner 150cc disc brakes, cast wheels.

Optional large rear box of 39 litres

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Honda Winner 150cc Dark silver and red, Disc brakes, cast wheels. Optional large rear box of 39 litres.
Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - White Honda Winner 150cc Dark silver and red, Disc brakes, cast wheels. Optional large rear box of 39 litres.

About Honda Winner 150cc

The Honda Winner 150cc was designed for Southeast Asia markets. It is a sport underbone from the Japanese manufacturer Honda. It’s a touring bike but with a scooter design. The Honda Winner 150cc was launched in April 2016 in Vietnam and was available for rent from late June 2016 by Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures & Rentals. We are the first company to rent out this bike in Hanoi as well as Vietnam. We bought this bike soon after the sale opened on June 8th, 2016. Honda Winner 150cc is known in Indonesia as the Supra GTR 150 or in Malaysia as the RS150R. The engine is the same as the 2015 Sonic 150R, 2015 CB150R (StreetFire), and 2016 CBR150R.

The Honda Winner 150cc is a commuter motorcycle in the city and you can call it a manual scooter. However, you can ride on long trips into the Northern mountains, and in this case, you can call it a touring motorbike. The Honda Winner 150cc is powered by a fuel-efficient 150 cc four-stroke, Dual-OverHead Camshaft (DOHC), single-cylinder engine that offers nearly 16HP.

This bike is much loved by young people in Vietnam because it’s one of the lightest bikes with the most HP in the 150cc range. The price of a brand new bike is at around 2,300$US plus 300$US taxes and registration, totalling around 2,600$US!

This Honda Winner 150cc is recommended for beginners or inexperienced to intermediate riders. The gear is standard (1-0-1-2-3-4-5-6, one down and five up). You will like the power, suspension, and reliability but maybe not the seat!


– This Honda Winner 150cc is not really suitable for riding two up on one bike because of the max load of 130kg, seat, and luggage carrier rack. Ideally, riding solo is the best option. If you have to ride two-up, relax often and don’t ride long every day, especially after dark or on rainy days. Please make sure the max load is not more than 130kg!

– We have only one office in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam. Unfortunately, we don’t offer bike hire outside of Hanoi nor one-way rental. Sadly, we have nobody to recommend because we don’t know their bikes or the quality of services.

Why Is Our Honda Winner 150cc Better?

We work on the bikes ourselves and despite the fact that Honda Winner 150cc is a good bike, we still customize it to make it better. Many rental shops rarely improve things as we did. Below are more details.

Honda Winner 150cc Radiator protection

Our Honda Winner 150cc has stainless steel radiator protection. This is very important because if rocks or sharp things hit this important part then you are safe. Imagine, if a rock punctures this radiator then you will be in really big trouble. Worst of all, you will burn the engine!

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Honda Winner 150cc with stainless steel radiator protection.

Fuel supply

Our Honda Winner 150cc features Honda advanced Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi) and you know how powerful the pump needs to be. The pressure is quite high. Mice like this fuel supply and therefore we need to be on the safe side. Many bikes caught fire when this part leaked.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Honda Winner 150cc fuel supply protection.

Extended rack and storage

We install an extended luggage rack and a top carrier box (39l) on our Honda Winner 150cc. In reality, there is no storage under the seat. Therefore, you will find these items very useful.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Honda Winner 150cc extended luggage rack and carrier top box.

Drive chain

Our Honda Winner 150cc original drive chain will be replaced with an O-ring rubber seal chain. It’s a much better solution (less chain adjustment, longer life, and more smooth to ride). Do some Google search about the O-ring chain if you want to know more.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Honda Winner 150cc original driver chain replaced with O-ring rubber seal drive chain.

Please click here to watch a test ride clip in late June 2016, just two weeks after Honda opened the sale for this bike. Have a look and see how you feel.

Honda Winner 150cc downloads

Owner’s Manual.
Wiring Diagram.
Service Manual.
Parts Number.

Honda Winner 150cc Specifications

Curb weight 122 kg
Overall length x width x height 2,025 x 725 x 1,102 mm
Wheel base 1,276 mm
Seat height 780 mm
Min-ground clearance 167 mm
Fuel tank capacity 4.5l
Chassis Diamond steel
Front Tire 90/80-17M/C 46P Tubeless
Rear Tire 120/70-17M/C 58P Tubeless
Front Brake Disc Brake with single-piston
Rear Brake Disc Brake with single-piston
Clutch Manual, Wet Type, & Double Clutch
Battery 12V – 5Ah
Spark Plug NGK MR9c-9R or Denso U27EPR-N9
Ignition CDI-DC, Ignition
Cam System Cam chain
Fuel Consuming 51.4 km/liter speed 50 km/hour (standard gasoline)
Engine oil capacity 1.3 litre when dismantling machine; 1.1 litre when changing lubricant
Front suspension Telescopic
Rear suspension Mono Shock
Engine type 4-Stroke, DOHC, Liquid Cooled
Displacement 149.1 cm3
Bore stroke 57.3 x 57.8 mm
Compression ratio 11.3:1
Max. output / rpm 17 hp / 9,000 rpm
Max. torque / rpm 13,5Nm/6,500 rpm
Gear box 1-0-2-3-4-5-6, 6 Speeds
Starting system Electric & Kick starter

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