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COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) MESSAGE: The situation in Vietnam is under good control. Our office is open and you can hire motorbikes or scooters from us. The booking for Vietnam motorbike tours is available and you can book now with good deals. You can change the dates (no extra charge) if flights are delayed. Thank you for your attention!

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Women Tours, For Women Only


Booking code of women tours by motorbike: OV44

Offroad Vietnam is the first motorcycle tour provider in Vietnam for women by men. We invite women from all over the world to tour in one of the best motorcycle touring countries. Unfortunately, we can’t hire girl guides in Vietnam due to the nature of Vietnamese society. Moreover, our guides and staff are motorcycle enthusiasts showing other motorcycle enthusiasts our paradise. Our women tours introduce a new concept of motorcycling (and having fun) with like-minded riders while gaining valuable insights into the culture, history and geography of Vietnam at a slower pace than usual tours.

Motorcycling with women is somewhat different from traditional motorbike vacation. It is social, supportive and enjoyable – FUN! Have you ever tried it? Come with us on women tours for the experience of a lifetime!

In general, our enthusiasm does not stop with motorcycling. Honestly, we are very proud and feel honoured to show you places on this earth you never knew existed. In reality, personalised service and real, world-renown hospitality and professionalism are what we are here for.

Want Videos?

To have an idea how a female-only motorbike tour looks like please watch this video. In case you want to watch more videos of our Vietnam motorbike tours please check our YouTube channel.

How We Ride

Tour participants don’t need to be experienced – just a sense of adventure is enough. We cater for all levels of experience by providing different tour routes, different types of bikes, and also offer seats in the support bus to non-riders (on selected tours only).

There is no fixed itinerary because you never know what you can do after the first few days. In addition, our guides will discuss with you about the next day program once you are on the road. Keep in mind that we ride on average 100 km per day on women tours (standard tour: 150 km per day) and spend much more time for stops and talks at road-side villages.

Contact us at in case more details or options of Women Tours in Vietnam by motorbike.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Women Tours, For Women Only. Women tours by motorbike, ride in Vietnam with women only

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