(standard ride: 11 days / 10 nights covering 2,000 kilometres, moderate. Definitely the best motorcycle tour video clips in Vietnam).

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– By Mr. Randall Haines from New Zealand
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(standard ride: 10 days / 9 nights covering 1,400 kilometres, moderate).

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– From flycam in 2020 new track.

Northwest Vietnam is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. The “Alps of Tonkin”, as it is called, are home to a number of distinctive hill tribes still living in their traditional and unassuming way and are the most cheerful.

From the first day, when we arrive in the mountains of Mai Chau and relax with our friends from the White Thai ethnic community, until the last night near Thac Ba Lake, amongst Dzao people, every day will have its own charm and adventure.

Our tour is planned in harmony with the surrounding countryside and local indigenous cultures. We alternate between hotels and homestays, long stages with short rides, and of course, we stop wherever and whenever you want, as we ultimately wish you to make the most of every situation.

Over the 10 days, you can even enjoy rafting along the Da River or trekking around Sapa, for example. You do not have to be an experienced driver to manage this loop but some elementary or intermediate skills are required, as well as good physical health.

There are currently some construction zones though, so there may be some stretches of dirt riding.


(standard ride: 6 days / 5 nights covering 1,000 kilometres, easy).

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– By Mr. Daniel Rawnsley from Australia

This loop goes right up to the far Northeast of Vietnam, till the Chinese border. We will meet Tay people in Ba Be Lake, Nung An people in Cao Bang province and the Nung Phan Sin and Red Dzao people while descending to Lang Son.

In this part of Vietnam, we have created our own network of homestays allowing us to show you the sweet and simple wonders of day to day life in the Vietnamese countryside.

We can drink local ruou and dine in the homes of our friends from different hill-tribe communities every night.

Our interaction with local people is on every occasion sincere and authentic. While accommodation is basic (stilt houses for 2 or 3 nights), it satisfies the basic needs of travellers. Our hosts pride themselves on their hospitality. You will feel right at home!

This loop can be done by car or motorbike. There are no particular difficulties but for those willing to ride two wheels a good physical condition is necessary.


(standard ride: 6 days / 5 nights covering 1,000 kilometres, easy to moderate).

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For years, we have been riding far and wide through Vietnam, developing a network of friends, all across the countryside. From Hanoi, we don’t have to go far to arrive in the back garden of Northern Vietnam, face to face with the friendly and jovial locals. Within 150 kilometres around Hanoi, we have a number of options, on all of which we wind up enjoying the hospitality of our friends from different hill-tribe communities, dining and resting in stilt houses. The highlight of the trip is that it makes time stop, without even reaching for a switch, or going far.

The tours can be three to four days, or simply over a weekend, but the best loop is in 6 days. In general, the scenery and cultural experience make the ride well worth it!


(standard ride: 16 days / 15 nights covering 2,500 kilometres, moderate).

If you don’t see the video clip below, click here (Special thanks to Mr. Matthew Heskin from Australia).


This loop spans the entire panorama of Northern Vietnam, from the “Alps of Tonkin”, as the North-west area is called, through the glories of the Middle roads, then finally Northeast!

We will cover 15 provinces on all kinds of roads, alternating hotels with homestays, long stages with short rides, helping you make the most of every experience as you travel through the heart of the northern countryside and into the lives of the local communities.

The whole loop is around 2,500 kilometres, an average of 160 km per day, or five to six hours driving.

Our tours are finely paced cruises, we frequently stop, and naturally, we wish you to go at your own pace and enjoy yourself. However, you need to have good physical condition as well as basic riding skills to do this tour by motorbike.


(9-16 days covering from 1,400 to 2,600km from North to South).

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– By Mr. Paul Williamson from England.

Ho Chi Minh Trail is the name of the trip, it doesn’t mean we ride mainly on the old trail. The government already built a new highway on most of the original trail. However, we still have some parts on tracks and shortcuts that offer off-road riders a chance to test out their riding skills. The clip above was from the road to Mai Chau. However, we, of course, can ride on an easier road if you don’t feel comfortable with this type of terrain.


(for beginners or novice riders)

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We provide riding lesson in about 2 hours if you have no or little experience of riding or if you want to get familiar with our bikes and Vietnamese traffic. In fact, there are many bikes to choose from, ranging from moped semi-automatic scooters to real road clutch bikes. Since 2007, we use only Honda motorcycles on our tours. In fact, Russian Minsks are only available if you request or if we haven’t got enough Hondas (large groups). The bike you see in the video is a Russian Minsk.

Contact us at [email protected] in case you need more details about our motorbike tours video clips.

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