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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – 8 Days Ha Giang Motorbike Tours


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This is the shorter version of Ha Giang motorbike tours. If you want to ride the longer (extended version) in 11 days please follow this link.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - 8 Days Ha Giang Motorbike Tours: Scenic Ha Giang of Vietnam off road motorbike tour. Dirt biking on rough roads

Day 1: Hanoi – Vu Linh (~180 km, ~7 h). L, D

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - 8 Days Ha Giang Motorbike Tours: Ha Giang motorcycle expedition, second itineraryEasy drive to on the sealed road to Thac Ba Lake and follow the little road to Vu Linh. Vu Linh is a Dzao village by the side of the lake, very friendly people and the welcome is exceptional.

Day 2: Vu Linh – Ha Giang (~180 km, ~6 h). B, L, D

After breakfast, ride along the Thac Ba lake on a small road lined with palm trees and scenic mountain views to join the main road heading up to Ha Giang where we stop for the night and apply for a permit.

Day 3: Ha Giang – Dong Van (~180 km, ~6 h). B, L, D

After getting the permit to ride in border areas at Ha Giang’s Immigration Police, we ride on small challenging mountain roads (but incredibly beautiful) on the land of colourful mountain hill-tribes.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - 8 Days Ha Giang Motorbike Tours: Ha Giang motorbike expedition, second itineraryHead up the Ma Pi Leng Pass. Here is yet another amazing place, with cloudy mountain ranges and the poetic Nho Que river winding off in the distance. Ride on a rig-zag track until Dong Van, a remote area and meet the hard-working local people here. It is inspiring to see how they survive as they manage to live in the rocks. When we reach town we will have some extra time to wander the ancient streets lined with H’mong homes of clay bricks and tiles roofs built centuries ago. Honestly, this is the best day of this 8 days Ha Giang motorbike tours.

Day 4: Dong Van – Bao Lac (~80 km, ~4 h). B, L, D

The road is still under construction and tracks that make the ride relatively long in spite of few kilometres. However, the landscape is among the most beautiful of Vietnam, and therefore the slow tempo is only more appreciable.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - 8 Days Ha Giang Motorbike Tours: Ha Giang motorcyclingWhile riding, you cross the wild regions of the mythical province of Ha Giang. Then you stop for the night at Bao Lac, the ethnic crossroad of North-east Vietnam. Right here, many other ethnic groups on the two sides of the border meet at the market every Sunday.

Day 5: Bao Lac – Cao Bang (~150 km, ~5 h). B, L, D

This is a beautiful ride down to Cao Bang province. There are few passes from where you can dominate the area. The road is easy but there are many blind curves. While riding, we can stop very often for photos. Altogether, stop for drinks and food it should be an 8-hour journey. Stay in a hotel.

Day 6: Cao Bang – Quang Uyen (~140 km, ~5 h). B, L, D

Ride in 1 hour and a half to reach the beautiful village of Quang Uyen, in the middle of a mountain cirque. This is the territory of Nung An people. Then home stay with a host family where the hostess is a great cook.

We make our way through spectacular scenery to Vietnam’s most impressive waterfall, Ban Gioc Waterfalls, 50km from Quang Uyen. Weather permitting we can swim right up to where the 50m high falls hit the river.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - 8 Days Ha Giang Motorbike Tours: Ha Giang motorcycle adventureDay 7: Quang Uyen – Lang Son (~180 km, ~6 h). B, L, D

Ride from Quang Uyen to Lang Son on the famous historical Highway 4. We will have time to discover this city which has become a big trading post between China and Vietnam. This is the place you can shop for cheap (fake) Chinese products at the nearby Dong Kinh market.

Overnight in hotel.

Day 8: Lang Son – Hanoi (~150 km, ~3 h). B, L

An easy day back to Hanoi on the new Highway 1B. You can wake up late in the morning as we guess you can be tired after 7 long riding days.

Arrival at Hanoi around 3pm, before rush hours.

B: Breakfast.
L: Lunch.
D: Dinner.

Note that 8 days Ha Giang motorbike tour has many versions for different weather conditions.

If you want to ride an extended longer version that covers more stunning mountainous areas, please follow this link.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - 8 Days Ha Giang Motorbike Tours: Scenic Ha Giang of Vietnam off road motorbike tour. Dirt biking on rough roads

Want Videos?

Please watch a video below from one of our Ha Giang motorbike tours taken in early 2018.


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Ha Giang

The most beautiful province in North Vietnam and probably of the whole Vietnam. It’s roughly 320km North of Hanoi. Once there, you take in stunning mountain scenery and meet friendly people. In addition, Sunday market is colourful. 8 Days Ha Giang Motorbike Tours tells why we picked up this name for the tour.

Dong Van

~200km from Ha Giang city, ~500km from Hanoi. Perhaps it’s the most beautiful place in Northern Vietnam and also the best day of 8 days Ha Giang motorbike tours. Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark is located in the northeastern province of Vietnam, Ha Giang. It is the first Geopark in Vietnam and the second one in Southeast Asia to be recognized by UNESCO. The Geopark formed about 550 million years ago and now is home to 17 ethnic groups which creates the unique and rich cultural heritage of this area. In addition, Sunday market is probably the most colourful one in North Vietnam.

Bao Lac

~400km from Hanoi, located in the very north of Vietnam, in a mountainous area at the border with China. Local people live mainly in remote small villages with no waterworks or other infrastructure. In fact, this area is among the poorest in Vietnam. The town itself is small and there is nothing special rather than the only stop with basic accommodation in this area.

Cao Bang

A big town in Northeast Vietnam, the capital city of a province with the same name, ~180km from Lang Son or ~400km from Hanoi. The city is also known for the Battle of Cao Bang, the first major decisive victory of the Viet Minh against the French Army along Highway 4. We use this town as a base because there is no better accommodation in the surrounding areas.

Lang Son

A major trading post in Northeast Vietnam, possibly the largest border gates between Vietnam and China, ~150km from Hanoi in the far North. Lang Son and its ancient citadel have been in the path of many invasions and were the site of three French defeats during the colonial era. The city was the centre of fighting during the Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979 and sustained extensive damage. However, with a surprisingly fast recovery, there is almost no trace of the war but a prosperous trading town. A chance to buy cheap Chinese electronic items, fakes that cost from 1/10 of the original products.

Quang Hoa

A commune of mainly Nung people in Quang Uyen district, Cao Bang province, ~400km North of Hanoi via Lang Son or ~500km via Cao Bang. The village is one of the first to offer homestay experience to foreigners who travel there on two wheels. The host house is basic but cosy. The nearby Ban Gioc waterfalls is a scenic site, however, with the booming trade at Po Peo border gate, the road to this place is usually in bad conditions, either dusty or muddy.

Vu Linh

A commune of mainly Dao people in Yen Binh district, Yen Bai province, 180km North of Hanoi. The village is on the lower end of Thac Ba lake. The homestay we use is not far from the lake where we could have a boat ride and swim in the clear water. In late 1990’s Ngoi Tu village started to welcome the first foreigners but now it’s a popular place for home stay. However, Ngoi Tu faces a garbage disposal problem and this is evident in the diminishing quality of water courses and a gradual influx of tourists puts a strain on the local environment.

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    Hi there,

    My brother and I will arrive in Hanoi on March 9. We’d like to rent two trail motorcycles for a 8 day tour. We still haven’t figured out the route but will probably do the 8 DAYS HA GIANG one. Could you please send me pricing details for both motorcycles and the necessary steps I need to follow in order to book them?



    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Aleix. Please have a look at this link and let us know which bike you want to rent from us. We would require a deposit to book the bikes.

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    I’m very interested in the tour 5th 12th Oct. Perfect timing.
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      Thanks anh
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        Hello Tim. All tours advertised are firm departure, secured with deposits. If no deposit is sent we never advertise anything to save our time. Two experienced male riders booked and ride Honda XR250 dirt bikes. If you join, the current cost is 149$US/day/person or 1,192$US in 8 days. Smaller bike (XR125) costs 1,112$US. All is inclusive, except drinks, safety riding gear rental and tips. We need a deposit to secure a place so please advise your thoughts.

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    Interested in 8 day northeast ride via Ha Gian. Can you give me a price? Are hotel nights included? I am a single traveller middle aged woman with motorcycling experience.

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      Dear Ms Elizabeth Bennett. Please check your email for a detailed reply, it is just too long to post on this page. Let us know your thoughts please.

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