We suggest to check out payment instructions and booking conditions before you send out a deposit or payment to secure your booking of our services. Below is a list of banking partners with our bank.


(These banks and/or branches partner up with Vietcombank and they may offer you the cheapest transfer rate. If you have or know more banking partners of Vietcombank please share with us)

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Vietcombank Banking Partners: Offroad Vietnam Travel Company Account Details at Vietcombank

A List Of Vietcombank Banking Partners

1. Australia

1.1. Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sydney
Bank code: CTBAAU2S

1.2. ANZ Bank Melbourne
Bank code: ANZBAU3M

2. Austria

2.1. Raiffeisen Zentral Bank Oesterreich A.G., Vienna
Bank code: RZBAATWW

3. Belgium

3.1. Ing Belgium SA/NV, Brussels
Bank code: BBRUBEBB010

3.2. Fortis Bank S.A (General Bank), Brussels
Bank code: GEBABEBB06A

4. Canada

4.1. Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto
Bank code: ROYCCAT2

4.2. Bank of Montreal
Bank code: BOFMCAM2

5. Denmark

5.1. Den Danske Bank A/S, Copenhagen
Bank code: DABADKKK

6. France

6.1. Societe Generale, Paris
Bank code: SOGEFRPP

6.2. BNP Paribas, Paris
Bank code: BNPAFRPP

6.3. Natexis Banque (BFCE), Paris
Bank code: BFCEFRPP

6.4. Credit Agricole (Banque Indosuez), Paris
Bank code: AGRIFRPP

6.5. Banque Commerciale Pour l’Europe du Nord (Euro Bank), Paris
Bank code: EUROFRPP

7. Germany

7.1. BHF Bank, Frankfurt
Bank code: BHFBDEFF500

7.2. Deutsche Bank A.G., Frankfurt
Bank code: DEUTDEFF

7.3. Westdeutsche Landesbank Girozentrale, Dusseldorf
Bank code: WELADEDD

7.4. Dresdner Bank AG, Frankfurt
Bank code: DRESDEFF

7.5. American Express Bank GMBH, Frankfurt
Bank code: AEIBDEFX

8. Hong Kong

8.1. Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp., Hongkong

8.2. Standard Chartered Bank, Hongkong
Bank code: SCBLHKHH

8.3. Vietnam Finance Company Ltd. 16th Floor, Golden Star Building, 20 Lockhart Road, Hongkong
Bank code: BFTVHKHH

9. India

9.1. United Commercial Bank, New Delhi
Bank code: UCBAINBB202

10. Italy

10.1. Banca Intesa SPA, Milano (Comitbanca)
Bank code: BCITITMM

11. Japan

11.1. Bank of Tokyo – Mitsubishi Ltd., Tokyo
Bank code: BOTKJPJT

11.2. Sumitomo Bank Ltd., Tokyo
Bank code: SMBCJPJT

11.3. Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd., Tokyo
Bank code: MHCBJPJT

11.4. UFJ Bank Ltd., Tokyo
Bank code: SANWJPJT

12. The Republic of Korea

12.1. Korea First Bank, Seoul
Bank code: KOFBKRSE

13. Netherlands

13.1. ABN Amro Bank N.V., Amsterdam
Bank code: ABNANL2A

14. Norway

14.1. Nordea Bank Norge ASA, Oslo
Bank code: NDEANOKK

15. Malaysia

15.1. Malayan Banking Berhad, Kuala Lumpur
Bank code: MBBEMYKL

16. Singapore

16.1. Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore
Bank code: SCBLSGSG

16.2. United Overseas Bank, Singapore
Bank code: UOVBSGSG

16.3. Development Bank of Singapore
Bank code: DBSSSGSG

16.4. Natexis Bank, Singapore
Bank code: BFCESGSG

17. Sweden

17.1. Nordea Bank Sweden AB, Stockholm
Bank code: NDEASESS

17.2. Handelsbanken AB, Stockholm
Bank code: HANDSESS

17.3. Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Stockholm
Bank code: ESSESESS

18. Switzerland

18.1. Credit Suisse (First Boston), Zurich
Bank code: CRESCHZZ80A

18.2. Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), Zurich
Bank code: UBSWCHZH80A

18.3. Bipielle Bank, Lugano
Bank code: BPLSCH22

19. Taiwan

19.1. International Commercial Bank of China, Taipei
Bank code: ICBCTWTP011

19.2. Farmer Bank of China, Taipei
Bank code: FBOCTWTP

20. Thailand

20.1. Bangkok Bank Public Co.Ltd., Bangkok
Bank code: BKKBTHBK

20.2. Thai Military Bank Public Co Ltd., Bangkok
Bank code: TMBKTHBK

21. U.S.A

21.1. JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York
Bank code: CHASUS33

21.2. Citibank NA, New York
Bank code: CITIUS33

21.3. American Express Bank Ltd., New York
Bank code: AEIBUS33

21.4. Bank of American NA, San Francisco
Bank code: BOFAUS6S

21.5. HSBC Bank USA (RNB), New York
Bank code: MRMDUS33

21.6. Deutsche Bank Trust Company, New York
Bank code: BKTRUS33

21.7. Bank of New York, New York
Bank code: IRVTUS3N

21.8. ABN Amro Bank, New York
Bank code: ABNAUS33

21.9. Standard Chartered Bank, New York
Bank code: SCBLUS33

21.10. Union Bank of California Intl, New York
Bank code: BOFCUS33

21.11. Wachovia Bank NA, New York
Bank code: PNBPUS3NNYC

22. England

22.1. National Westminster Bank PLC, London
Bank code: NWBKGB2L

22.2. Lloyds TSB Bank PLC, London
Bank code: LOYDGB2L

22.3. USBC Bank PLC (Midland Bank) London
Bank code: MIDLGB22

22.4. Standard Chartered Bank, London
Bank code: SCBLGB2L

23. Laos

23.1. Laocombank, Vientiane
Bank code: COEBLALA

23.2. Lao – Viet Bank, Vientiane
Bank code: LAOVLALA

24. Cambodia

24.1. Cambodian Commercial Bank Ltd., Phnom Penh
Bank code: SICOKHPP.

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