Note About Travel Insurance

BaoViet travel insurance is not valid if you have foreign driving licenses in your home country. You will still be insured when you are not on bikes. To get a Vietnamese driving license you need to have at least a three months business visa, your country motorcycle driving license, a work permit, or a sponsor. All papers need to be translated into Vietnamese at a notary office and it takes 7-10 days to have a converted license. No foreign license is valid in Vietnam, except for IDP (international driving permit issued under the 1968 Convention). In reality, we don’t require a license to ride on our trip. It’s more to do with your travel insurance regarding license requirements.

Luckily, some companies like CHI Insurance, World Nomads, and Allianz, etc. didn’t require a Vietnamese driving license and covered larger displacements. All they need is your home country license with motorbike endorsement. Alternatively, Lonely Planet also has an insurance policy for around 100$US/person.

Finally, the good news is IDP (international driving permit, 1968 Convention, not the 1949 Convention) is now valid in Vietnam from August 1st, 2016 with the 46/2016/ND-CP decree. You can purchase an insurance policy easily when you have an IDP, also with BaoViet. Please also bring your home country driving license with motorbike endorsement.

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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - personal medical travel insurance from Bao Viet can cover you in a situation like this.


How to buy BaoViet travel insurance

Please download this Insurance Form, complete it, sign and send us a copy (pdf or scan). Also send a copy of your passport, the only page where your photo is on. We will then forward it to Bao Viet and they will issue a certificate. You pick up this certificate and pay us when we meet in Hanoi.

Why you need BaoViet Medicare-Travel

Vietnam is currently considered one of the safest and most friendly destinations in the world. However, the fact shows that life today is inevitably fast-paced. We owe it to ourselves and to our loved ones that we take time to plan for life’s uncertainties.

With BaoViet Medicare Travel Program, you can take that one step toward being prepared with comprehensive financial protection against a broad range of situations and events while travelling to Vietnam.

Who protects you?

BaoViet – the largest insurance company in Vietnam.

The eligible Insured

Foreigners who come to Vietnam for sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives, attending an international conference, seminar, congress, participating in sport and game competitions, artistic performances, going on missions.

Those who are residing in Vietnam and they are travelling within the territory of Vietnam.

Ages covered: 1-75 years old.

Scope, the period of insurance

Period of insurance: a maximum of 180 consecutive days on any one trip. The insurance coverage begins at the time the Insured completes his or her entry visa procedure in Vietnam and/or ends at the time the Insured completes his or her exit visa procedure in Vietnam. For those who are residing in Vietnam, the insurance coverage begins the trip and ends the trip completed following time and destination in the policy.

Conclusion of insurance

Once BaoViet has received and accepted the proposal and payment, BaoViet will issue a certificate of insurance to each insured person. The certificate of insurance will be evidence for the settlement of claims to BaoViet.

In case you have emergency services, BaoViet will issue a Worldwide Emergency Card which displays the ISOS emergency hotline number. This number is 365/24/7 services anywhere in the world to receive medical and travel assistance.


BaoViet does not cover losses arising from:
– The willful act of the Insured or his heir-at-law;
– Any risk occurring outside Vietnam;
– Chronic diseases, pre-existing diseases, and diseases stated in the policy;
– Charges in excess of reasonable and customary charges;
– The costs of purchasing the body’s organs or prostheses;
– Any cost incurred in connection with rest cures or recuperation;
– At treatment or expense related to childbirth, pregnancy;
– Any expense incurred for mental illness and psychiatric disorder;
– And exclusions stated in the policy.

Benefits and sum insured (USD/EUR)

Programs from BaoViet travel insurance, all plans.

Endorsement from BaoViet travel insurance.

Premium from BaoViet Insurance

* We strongly recommend to opt in Endorsement 1 & 3. For example, Plan A in 5 days and two Endorsements cost 11.48$US + 2 x (20% of 11.48$US) = 16.07$US.

Procedure for claims

Step 1. Request for assistance

– Ho Chi Minh City: 65 Nguyen Du, District 1. Hotline: +84 83 823 2429
– Hanoi: 31 Hai Ba Trung. Hotline: + 84 43 934 0556

Step 2. Life-threatening

In a life-threatening situation, the Insured or his/her representative should notify the assistance company as soon as possible.

Step 3. Hospitalization prior to notice the emergency assistance company

In any case of an injury requiring hospitalization, the Insured, or any person acting on his behalf must inform the assistance company within 24 hours from the time of occurrence.

Step 4. Claim procedure

Notice of any claim must be given to BaoViet within 30 days of the expiry of the policy with comprehensive supporting information including:

– Personal accident: Hospital or physician’s report giving details on the nature of the injury and the extent and period of disability, police reports where relevant and in the case of death, a copy of death certificate, and the relevant coroner’s report.

– Medical expenses, emergency assistance, hospital cash allowance, cancellation charges, and curtailment of a trip: All bills, receipts, tickets, coupons, contracts, or agreements relevant to the claim and if the claim is in respect of medical treatments, full physician’s report.

– In case of loss, breakage or damage to baggage or personal effects, baggage delay, loss of travel documents: All details including receipts as to the date of purchase, price, model and type of items lost or damaged, a copy of the immediate notification to airlines/carrier and their official acknowledgment in writing when loss or damage has occurred in transit and certified written copy of immediate police reports when a loss has occurred.

– Travel delay: Provide a certificate from the airlines or relevant transport company that clearly describes the date, time, and reason for the delay.

Information to buy insurance. It’s best to send a passport copy, the only page where you have your photo in.

– Full name:
– Passport number:
– Date of birth:
– Nationality:

Forms, terms of the policy, and benefit table

Terms of Policy
Benefit Table
Insurance Form

Contact us at [email protected] in case you need more details of Bao Viet Medical Travel Insurance.

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