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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Hanoi Motorbike Riding Lesson


Who Can Have This Motorbike Riding Lesson?

This motorbike riding lesson is only provided to customers who want to rent scooters for riding in Hanoi as a commuter or riders who join our guided trips. It’s not provided as a stand alone service. Therefore, if you want to explore Vietnam on your own on self-guided trips and want this motorbike lesson then sadly we don’t offer it. Riding in Vietnam is dangerous and it requires much more than just riding ability. It’s, in fact, more like a game of coming back in one piece!

Never on two wheels before?

Recently, some of our clients who never ride two wheels before came and tried a lesson. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Make sure at least you ride a two-wheel vehicle before like a bicycle, an electric scooter, an automatic scooter or a push bike. If you never ride any of these, rent a bicycle in Hanoi before taking this lesson. It helps save our time!

Why Do We Provide Motorbike Riding Lesson?

Travelling on two wheels in Vietnam is not easy for people with little or no experience. In fact, it’s not a recommended place for starting your motorbiking experience. Many of our customers couldn’t take a motorbike riding lesson before they come or this lesson is too expensive. Still, they really want to ride in an exotic country like Vietnam. Therefore, Offroad Vietnam offers a motorbike riding lesson for them.

With many years offering motorcycle tours, Offroad Vietnam is sure that after this lesson 90% of learners can ride a bike safely and respond well to Vietnamese traffic. FYI, only one of people who took this lesson had a small accident and broke his elbow. Out of over 5,000 riders we served, about 10 small accidents happened and the most severe injuries were a broken ankle, knee or elbow. Accidents are likely to happen when they ride too fast, have no safety riding on or on very slippery roads.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Hanoi Motorbike Riding Lesson. Motorbike Riding Lesson For Novice Riders Or Beginners In Hanoi, Vietnam

There are several ways to minimize the risk of having a bad accident. One is having protective riding gear, helmets and gloves and the other are learn how to ride a manual clutch bike properly. The course will be in between one and two hours depending on how fast you catch up and costs 30$US. You will have one instructor, a bike, riding gear, protective pads and fuel included. We will start at a place with no traffic and slowly you will flow in Vietnamese traffic near the training field.

Anyone Can Have This Lesson To Challenge Vietnamese Traffic

Refresher driving course

Some of our novice, intermediate or advanced riders still pay us this lesson to get used to Vietnamese scary traffic. Honestly, they feel much more confident after the course, especially when they ride on the left in their home country.


Beginners who rode two wheels before like bicycles, automatic scooters and mopeds can take this lesson. In fact, it takes longer time because we need to give instructions and how to use the bike. If you never ride any two wheels before then sadly we can’t offer this lesson. In reality, keeping balance requires skills and experience.

In addition, one thing that we found difficult for novice riders is getting out of town and returning back to Hanoi. Just watch this video and see how scary traffic of Hanoi is. With our guide leading your way, you will get through this. Flow as a fish in the river!

More Add-ons Offroad Vietnam Adventure Travel Provides

Hotel room booking in Hanoi
Airport transfers
Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA)
Support truck on a motorbike tour
Travel insurance

In case you still have questions or have any suggestion regarding our motorbike riding lesson in Hanoi, Vietnam, please follow this link to contact us.

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  1. Eva Reply

    Dear Off-road Vietnam,

    Is the lesson provided on a real motorbike (with gears)? Thanks for your reply!


    • Anh Wu Reply

      Hello Eva. It actually depends on your riding skills and ability. We have a lesson for fully automatic, semi-automatic or fully manual scooters or motorbikes. However, this lesson is only available if you rent our bike(s) or join our tour(s), it’s sadly not a stand-alone service. Could you advise your plan?

  2. Leela Chockalingam Reply

    I’d like to book this lesson sometime tomorrow or Wednesday!

    • Anh Wu Reply

      Dear Leela. It’s only possible if 1) you rode a two-wheel before and 2) you will rent a scooter from us after the lesson. It’s not a stand-alone service and the cost is 30$US and takes 1-2 hours.

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