(14 days, 13 nights Big Northern Loop Of Vietnam 4×4 Tour)

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Adventure tours in a 4×4 vehicle to Northern Vietnam, you explore the most splendid area of where concentrates various obstacles of limestone mountain ranges and incredible terraced paddy fields. In fact, this tour is suitable for those who love green eco tours, prefer untouched areas, and also discover the customs of the hill tribal people. In general, this adventure is extremely attractive to picture-hunting travellers.

Day 1: Hanoi – Ba Be

AM: Depart for Babe Lake, a mountain area that is nearly 200 km far from Hanoi. Arrival at midday.
PM: Visit places of interest in Ba Be such as Nang river, grottoes, waterfall. Stay at an ethnic village in Pac Ngoi where visitors can learn about the Tay people’s customs. Then enjoy meals of ethnic minorities. O/N in guest’s house.

Day 2: Trek to a Tay village

7 hours hard trekking to visit a Tay village accompanied by a local guide. Takeaway lunch will be arranged. In fact, it takes 5 hours to walk to the village. Then spend time with ethnic people. O/N in the village of Tay people.

Day 3: Back to Ba Be Lake

Trekking back to Babe Lake. At leisure on the day. O/N in Babe guest house.

Day 4: Ba Be – Tuyen Quang

Depart for Tuyen Quang. Then we have lunch on the way. Overnight in Tuyen Quang.

Day 5: Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang

Head for Ha Giang, the remote northern province of Vietnam. In reality, this is the place H’mong people consider as their capital. Meet many ethnic villages en route with a rich culture. O/N in Ha Giang.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Big Northern loop of Vietnam 4x4 tour to Ha Giang.

Day 6: Ha Giang – Meo Vac – Dong Van

Depart early morning to visit the wonderful world of ethnic people. Get a picture of much impressive scenery en route and also colourful weekly market. Finally, visit the palace of H’mong king.

Day 7: Dong Van – Ha Giang – Tuyen Quang

Transfer back to Tuyen Quang. O/N in Tuyen Quang.

Day 8: Tuyen Quang – Bac Ha

Continue your trip to North West. Leave Tuyen Quang for Bac Ha. In fact, this day is a hard travelling by car. However, the scenery on route is incredible. O/N in Bac Ha.

Day 9: Bac Ha

Visit Can Cau Market, an outstanding feature of ethnic people in the North. Buying souvenirs from ethnic people. Then short walk to discover some surrounding villages. O/N in Bac Ha.

Day 10: Bac Ha – Sapa – Tam Duong

Depart for Tam Duong. Stop en-route to visit the Sapa market which is organized weekly only on Saturday. Then 5 hours trekking to discover villages of ethnic minorities such as Sandiu, Hanhi, Xa that remain natural and unspoiled by mass tourism. O/N in Tam Duong.

Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures - Big Northern loop of Vietnam 4x4 tour to Sapa.

Day 11: Tam Duong – Sin Ho – Lai Chau

Trekking by a shortcut to Sin Ho villages. The car will meet you at Sin Ho village. Finally, drive to Lai Chau town. O/N in Lai Chau.

Day 12: Lai Chau – Dien Bien Phu

Leave Lai Chau for Dien Bien Phu. Visit the old battlefield. O/N in Dien Bien.

Day 13: Dien Bien Phu – Son La – Mai Chau

Leave Lai Chau for Mai Chau. En-route visit the prison of the French war. Arrival in Mai Chau, join the activities to Thai minority. O/N at house-on-stilt in Mai Chau.

Day 14: Mai Chau – Hanoi. End of Big Northern Loop Of Vietnam 4×4 Tour.

Leave Mai Chau for Hanoi. Free time.


* Offroad vehicle options: Russian UAZ, Japanese TOYOTA Land Cruiser, NISSAN X-Trail, FORD Everest, or MITSUBISHI Pajero…

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